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Sand Burr

Encore rifle system?

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I have owned a TC Encore for three years now. Between me and my brother, we have about 10 different calibers to choose from (we borrow from each other from time to time). This year I bought a muzzleloader barrel for it. I shot 2 deer with it during the firearms season with a .30-06 barrel. The second deer was a buck, so I figured that since I had already tagged a buck and all I had left were Intesive Harvest tags, I'd go with the muzzleloader for the rest of the season. I shot a doe the second weekend of rifle season with the muzzleloader and I'm now thinking I just might sell the rest of my barrels. This is the first year I have used a muzzleloader and I have to admit it was a lot more fun than a regular firearm. I'll probably go strictly muzzleloader from here on out. Sorry, I kind of got off the subject there. Anyways as far as the pro's and con's of the TC Encore it boils down to this. It is by far the most accurate and repeatable rifle I have ever fired. People brag about 2 inch groups at 100 yards. Using a gun rest I've actually put multiple bullets through the same hole. Of course, the ammo you use plays a big role in repeatability as well (I reload my own). Also, changing barrels is quite easy. It only takes about 5 minutes and if you are extra careful not to bump your sights when removing, storing, or putting them on they will hold their accuracy pretty well. They also don't seem to kick as much as other rifles when using the same caliber because of the way they are designed. They tend to roll back rather than kick straight back into your shoulder, but if you are using a scope, watch out because that can hurt. One more thing that I like is that although the gun can be quite spendy, the barrels generally aren't (with the exception of the muzzleloader due to having to buy a new forearm). The biggest negative I can come up with is that it is a single shot, so it is better to be in a stand than on the ground. I've missed several opportunities at deer while walking because you only have that one shot and if it's not there you don't take it. There have been many times when I wished I had brought my lever action 44 magnum because I know I would have gotten the deer if I had more than one shot at it.

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Thanks for the info cold feet!
Any recommendations on where to purchase one?
Checked at joes and it looks like I can get the hunter package in the 300win for about $900. Includes scope and hardcase.

One more would you bring this gun out west?

Hey nice Rack

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Wow. I guess I got lucky. I bought mine 3 years ago and only paid $450. Of course, I did not get a scope or hardcase with the package, just the gun. As far as where to purchase one you can go to the Thompson Center HSOforum (tcarms.com) and they have a dealer listing that you can look at. They do not list all of the dealers. I know of several places that deal with TC and they are not on the list. I actually bought mine at an Ace Hardware store in Fosston, MN. I know the prices are going up on these because I had to spend $400 to get my muzzleloader barrel, but that includes bullets, powder, cleaning kit, etc. and I could have purchased all of that a year ago for about $75 less. I think that the new guns are going for about $600 - $650 now without any extras. I would stop in anywhere that deals firearms and inquire whether or not they deal with TC. If they do, have them give you a price quote. You never know, you just might find some little shack that can save you $100 bucks or so.

As far as taking the gun out west it depends on how confident you are in your shooting ability. The Encore is a single shot break action gun, so if your really quick, you might get 2 shots off. I personally have never hunted out west, so I really can't say. My brother has gone to South Dakota for mule deer and he brought the Encore with, but I don't think he used it. He has also taken it Elk hunting in Colorado but I think he was using it with a muzzleloader barrel. To tell you the truth, I have no idea. If I were going out west I would at least bring it along.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

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    • ...LOL, I did it again on Sunday as well. I used 21-40 ct shrimp and grilled up some chicken breast ahead of time that were added before the pan went on the grill.... pretty spot on!
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    • All the little Trout ponds around the cities get hit like this on opener. More or less a "Put and take" fishery.  
    • Wow that is some high density fishing pressure!!!
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