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Bowfishing for Carp

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New to the area and looking for any areas where a guy could bowfish for carp in SE or Eastern SD when the weather warms and the rivers go down a bit.

I will take the fish away and not litter any areas with the smelly ones I hit with my trusty PSE. Thanks for any repies

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In my area, when the James River is running over the roads and bridges, guys take a step ladder into where the water is going over and shoot carp from the ladders. I have never done it, but it looks like a good time.

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    • Just a reminder that today (Monday Jan. 16th) is Monday. It is best observed in an individual manner with each of us according it the solemnity we believe it deserves. And keep in mind that Tuesday is coming up.  And then Wednesday. And after that it is Thursday.   Don't look for a point to this post because there isn't one. 
    • 1.16.17 Sunset Lodge Fishing Report   Hello once again from the Northwest Angle!   We're back with another fishing report this week. It was another cold week out on the ice with temperatures below zero for most of the week. We should be out of the cold stretch for a while now and the weather for the next couple weeks is looking really good!   On the Minnesota side, we have our houses on Rabbit Ears, Four Blocks and Little Oak. All have been producing fish. Out at Little Oak, we are fishing in 24-28 feet of water off of structure and out in the mud. At Four Blocks, we are fishing in 22-27 feet of water and have found some very nice slot fish coming up the holes. At Rabbit Ears, we are still in 21-26 and it is still producing buckets of fish consistently. Best colors have been pink and gold tipped with a minnow.   On the Canadian side, the crappie and walleye bite has been very good. Limits of nice crappies have been coming back every day with some being in that 15-16" range. We are fishing in 27-33 feet for those, with small tungsten jigs tipped with a minnow or plastic. Walleyes have been very consistent in 25-30 feet of water on the Canadian side, also. Same jig colors as the US side, gold and pink tipped with a minnow.   Until next week everyone, stay warm and tight lines! Forrest Huset
    • I was just wondering if you had a point, that's all. I guess the answer is no.     
    • Yep.....he could always join the stooges.
    • But would you vote for the dog kickers and baby punchers?
    • To be honest. Republicans could kick dogs and punch babies and it still would not make me ever vote for someone like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi or a Keith Ellison.
    • And I was pointing out your selective outrage of his selective outrage.
    • We have shanty towns comprised of mostly locals in central MN too.  Crappie holes and walleye structure are only so big, and not so secret anymore.   How many boats work the same stuff during the summer?  Boats move though - perm fish houses don't.  People grumble on the water and ice about others on their stuff or being too close all year.  It's just more noticeable in the winter.   I caught myself being a little annoyed with someone on Saturday for setting up his porty about 50 - 60 yards in front of my truck and wheel house.  A smaller, private access lake that a friend helped me get on and plowed a road to try this "new" spot.  The plow width allowed me to set our house down perfectly snug in its path and with his loop, it would allow me to move deeper off the break if I wanted.  We were the only ones on that end of the lake.   The porty was just off the outgoing loop but made me feel uncomfortable with executing the move plan because it would've put me in his face.  This was in a basin so I didn't understand "why there?"  It was about the only place in the white wide open that could mess up my plan.   I had to tell myself to not be annoyed and just get back to fishin.  If it really mattered I would've either talked to him or broke trail in another angle.   Too close is VERY relative to where you are.
    • OK, I'll give you that one. But is that the only issue that differentiates the Republicans from the Democrats? Are the two even very different on that issue? Your last Presidential candidate, Romney, was for gun control before he was against it. Trump has been in favor of gun control in the past as well.   Face it, these are the issues that used to separate the Republicans from the Democrats but the lines are very blurred and it is the Republicans that are crossing the line from conservative to progressive or at least "less" conservative. 
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