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  1. My mini schnauzer thinks she is the COB on my boat.
  2. I run everything in my wheelhouse that is necessary for me on 12v dc, but I have 110v outlets for use while running my generator. My batteries are tied into an on board marine battery charger so they get a charge when I run the genny. If you want to run a 110v tv you could run it through an inverter when not running the genny. My lights are LED lights and I have a couple 12v receptacles to charge cell phones and power a flasher or camera. Probably not what you are looking for, but works for me.
  3. My wheelhouse is 6 1/2'x12'. I use an Empire 15,000 and it heats it very well. I have 1 1/2" white foam insulation in the walls and ceiling with an uninsulated floor.
  4. I use an Empire Direct Vent with 1x2" studs. To get the 4 1/2" distance you use a vinyl siding kit on the outside of the wall.
  5. I like to leave the bail open, pull the line back to the butt end of the rod and wrap a rubber band over it to hold it. When a fish hits it pulls the rod tip down and pulls the line out from under the rubber band. All you have to do is close the bail and reel the fish in. The number of wraps of the rubber band determines the tension on the line.
  6. Bought my Empire direct vent from Fish House Supply. A sponsor and a lot cheaper than my local propane dealer. Heats my 6 1/2 x 12 wheel house with no problems.
  7. I had the same problem with my 597 reading "loading charts" for long periods of time and doing other off the wall things. I had to shut the unit off and turn it on again to get the maps working again. A new map chip solved the problem for me. I put a new starting battery in my boat a couple weeks ago and still get "Low bat" on the screen after the engine has been off for an hour or so.
  8. I bought a snap down travel cover through Lund which was made by Shoremaster Fabrics.I have had it for seven years and it still fits like a glove. Their site has a list of boats they make covers for.
  9. Hmmmmmm,never have seen a trailered tugboat.
  10. Been using Mystic on my wheelhouse pivots since 2006 with good results. I have only pulled the pivots apart, cleaned them up and greased them once. I do shoot grease into the grease fittings and pivot the axles both ways as far as they will move about once per season.
  11. Been using Mystic JT6 since 1974 with good results Don't believe it's a synthetic I'm having. A hard time finding it around here now.
  12. Why not put a Vexilar DD-100 digital battery and depth gauge on your FL18?
  13. I used a vinyl siding kit which gave me the correct thickness.
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