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Drop Shot Rigging Question

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I've seen several "articles" from Bobbo and Matt regarding the drop shot technique - just a few questions.

I know how to tie a drop shot rig but I have a question about why this rig versus just using a bobber which accomplishes essentially the same thing - consistant depth. Or for that matter if your just jigging you can present the bait anywhere in water column you see fish so what advantage does the drop shot rig have over this presentation? I can see for open water that it would be different because then the weight would keep your bait a set distance off the bottom regardless of depth (but then so would a lindy or carolina rig). I know it is a popular rig I just want to understand why you would use it versus other rigs.

Another follow-up question (and this is more softwater) - I see there are speciallized drop-shot rods. I have a dozen poles from light spinning to heavy casting and most in-between and do not need (I know its crazy not to want another pole) another. What makes a good drop shot rod? I would think it would have to be pretty light/sensitive to pick up the bite.

Sorry if the questions are too basic - just a little confused over the advantages of drop shotting for hard water fishing.

Thanks. Paul

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On the ice I've tried it once so far, and will experiment again soon. What I did was to put on a really small ice jig, or you could go to a plain hook for that matter. I didn't drop it to the bottom, just used the weight to get it down quick but kept it up off bottom. I was watching it on my camera and could get some weird little moves out of the jig by just moving the rod tip back and forth, side to side. No bobber to freeze up either. I'm going to try it with a rubber band on the bottom above the sinker so I can get that boomerang lure look going. That boomerang lure deal was just a modified drop shot rig, but worth taking a look at just to see the concept of it. Google it, I'm sure it's still findable.

Just my 2 cents. smile

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Thanks for the reply Ron - so if I understand correctly the "advantage" of a drop shot rig is to give your bait a different action than it would have with either a bobber or just by itself jigging? I guess it makes sense but I'm still not clear why. I will try it this weekend and see what happens - I will be at the Future FM'ers get togther tomorrow so maybe I can ask some long-time FM'ers this question and learn something. I'm guessing that since we'll all be fishing togther we'll probably share info on what is working laugh. Paul

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