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  1. RonWBasser

    Using an under water camera

    They are neat to use, like everyone else has said... it's a way to see how fish react to your presentation. I use mine most while fishing bluegills and crappie. It lets you see what is what, I'm surprised by the schools of crappie that will come roaming through right along with bluegills. I use a vexilar all the time too but when you get locked on the depth they are using it is almost unfair that you can sort of pick and choose your fish. I've pulled my lure away from smaller ones so I can catch a bigger one. The vex can also help you dial in your depth of the camera pretty fast. If you see fish on the vex, I lower the camera to that level using the vexilar to guide me, then I lower my lure down to the same depth. Lastly I rotate the camera until it lines up with the lure. Bingo, you are done. And yes, keeps kids entertained. I actually have 2 of them so my son can do his own thing.
  2. RonWBasser

    Barometeric Pressure

    Not sure realistically if it ever goes down as low as 28.8. Mid 29's is pretty low. I've never found it very accurate as to whether fish bite better or not. The problem I have with the whole pressure deal is if a fish moves up or down an inch or two the pressure difference on them is more than the air pressure will ever cause. But, high pressure equals bright skys and tougher conditions and low pressure usually indicates cloudy skys and more favorable conditions to catch fish under. I've never put much faith in it and more faith in local conditions. Just my two cents.
  3. RonWBasser

    Underwater Camera help

    Last time I looked they did still have a HSOforum up and running, not that that means anything. I think you can get those batteries from any numnber of places, google it and take a look.
  4. RonWBasser

    Vex charge problem

    Ok mine has the red light, from vexilar. No light and it is charging, red light means it is charged. HOWEVER.... I have 2 batteries that never will make it go to red on the charger, but both work fine after around a 6 hour charge.
  5. RonWBasser

    Underwater Camera help

    I would agree, try getting it back together either yourself or a electronics place. Shrink tube and seal it up after you know it works. I think it will.
  6. RonWBasser

    Berkley Gulp Alive?

    I've used these little ones called earthworms I think? A small skinny worm about an inch long in a dark reddish color. We caught a lot of crappies on them last winter, outfished everything else we tried. We could catch about 10 fish on the same one. Just rig it on a little ice type jighead, we actually broke them in half.
  7. RonWBasser

    Eskimo quick flip 3

    I have a quick flip 2, no issues with the bench seat cover on mine. Install the top two support poles and that's it. Then it flips back and over. I would avoid using the zipper, just flip it instead. I'd love a qick flip 3 but yes as you get larger it gets harder to load, pull, etc.
  8. RonWBasser

    Ice Conditions

    Heck I live north of Brainerd and we only have about 8 to 9 inches here.
  9. RonWBasser

    infrared camera lights and spooking fish

    If you are in MN I don't think it is legal to have the light on when actually fishing. But back to your question, I'm not sure they even really see the light as much as it helps you see them. When I've tried it the water seems to be to full of plankton or something to even be able to see.
  10. RonWBasser

    any northerns biting

  11. RonWBasser

    Lesson Learned!

    If you have kids.... go over this stuff on land first. They can never be too careful and you always have to be watching out for them just in case. And yes my son, 8 at the time, ended a day fast for us when he got his foot stuck in an 8 inch hole.
  12. RonWBasser

    Storing Bait

    I keep my waxworms on the floor next to my outside door (older home) and they stay just cold enough. Minnows can be tricky, as matt said the fridge works best. If you happen to have a permanent house like I did the past few years, I took a small coffee can, drilled some holes near the top and on the plastic lid. Then stuck a wire through it side to side near the top but under the lid and bent it up to come though a hole in the center of the plastic lid. I cliped this to a chain about 2 ft long and lowered it down a hole when done fishing with the minnows inside. I also used a 2x2 to hold the chain and span the hole so the chain would be down the center of the hole. Never a dead minnow and always the right temp.
  13. RonWBasser

    House breaks through ice........

    Just to set the record straight on Liability insurance. Liability insurance is for damage or injury to someone else or their property caused by you. Nothing to do with this situation.
  14. RonWBasser

    How Do You Load Your Portable?

    Me too, not the easiest but not that bad.
  15. RonWBasser

    Aqua-Vu motorized ice pod?

    I got one at the end of last season and haven't tried it yet. Seems like a neat idea though. Now if it could only raise and lower it too, that would be nice.