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How Much?

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How much do you think all of these add up to be? They've been used a few years.

Frabill GLX 10

Shakespeare Pro

Genz Stik

Frabill Ultra Ice

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If it rod only and you want to sell them, I would guess around $30 for the lot us used rods. Give or take 10 bucks depending how quickly you want to off-load them.

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Totally guessing here, but maybe 1/2 the list price if in good condition, adjust up or down based on what you think is reasonable. Cut a better deal if buying all of them.

These are all what I would consider entry level combo's, so it is tought to expect top dollar. I think most of these list for that $20-30 range new. A lot of these class of setups go on sale early/late in the season so pricing can be tough (like FF & Gander).

Personally $45-60 for the lot, $70-80 would be top dollar and not likely to sell easily at that price IMHO.

Are you buying or selling?

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I think I saw that post for the stuff that you are looking at. I assume you are just starting out with ice fishing so that is why you are looking at the package deal. It wasn't clear what power rods all of them are (e.g. UL,L,ML,M). For starting out you may want to consider a mix of them depending on what your are targeting and the size lures you will be using.

If the Frabills have the coil spring type bobber - they work well for in warm weather or inside a heated shack, but they freeze up bad in the cold, and are difficult to thread the line thru.

It's hard to tell what the tackle was that's included. Maybe $20-25+ worth.

Good Luck!

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