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  1. Brade04

    does anybody use a utv for ice fishing

    Whats a UTV?
  2. Brade04


    So when using a buckshot rattle spoon can i use an ice buster bobber?
  3. Brade04


  4. Brade04

    I GOT ITT!!!

    Catch anything in the new porty?
  5. Brade04


    I still don't get the whole drag part about it. When I have a big one on the line should i continue reeling or let it go?
  6. Brade04


    What I got was a Scheels Outfitters Pro Tourney 26' Medium Light and a Scheels Outfitters Tourney Ice 28' Medium Light. Both of them for $45 bucks. Good buy?
  7. Brade04


    I don't have very much luck fishing with out bobbers. Thank you for your inputs.
  8. Brade04


    I'm just thinking the nerf ones so If i want to fish with out one I don't have to undo all of the line. Just snap it off. Know what I mean?
  9. Brade04


    Do you guys like using the nerf bobbers with a stop or the bobbers where the line goes through the bobber with a stop? Thanks
  10. Brade04

    2008-2009 Gophers

    They're struggling to stay on top of horrible Indiana. They are last in the Big Ten. Last update was Minnesota was up 49-45 with 15 minutes to go.
  11. Brade04


    I don't agree in trading Miller. Get that guy a haircut and keep him around.
  12. Brade04


    I'm heading up to Scheels or Gander today. I need a few good walleye rods/reels. I'd prefer to buy them together. I don't want to spend a fortune for two rods. What should I get?
  13. Brade04


    Walleye ice fishing
  14. Brade04


    What kind of rods do you guys use for walleye fishing on lakes such as Pelica, Lida, Prairie, Lizzie. And how many pound test wait?
  15. Brade04


    How do I get a picture from one of my folders to my avatar? Thanks