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Nick Kuhn

I'm on the board.

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Been doing too much work on the cabin. Boat only got wet for the 3rd time this year yesterday. Ran out of material around 2:30 so decided to load up and go fishing somewhere close, which in this case was Wapogasset. Even left the muskie rods home.


My old man got on the board too:


Both of those are from the first batch of stocked fish (2006). So for us Wisconsin fisherman things look good for having another lake in the future.

Also caught this (23"), some people tell me they are hard to catch...


And just a storm in the distance taken Sunday night. Too bad the camera focused on our shoreline restoration project.


With the fly rod on the dock Sunday night and the spinning rod Monday night (or a 24 hour period) I managed to catch the following species: perch, bluegill, pumpkinseed, bluegill-pumpkinseed hybrid, black crappie, largemouth bass, white bass, walleye, and muskie. Giving cjac's multispecies effort a run for the money. I did miss out on the three types of bullhead and a northern though.

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    • The only form of alternative medicine that I've found to be effective is the use of leeches.  Treatment is fairly simple but almost always effective.  All I do is take the leech, put it on the end of a hook and cast it into a lake.  I start feeling better almost instantly. I've found you need to repeat treatment on a regular basis for best results. 
    • My Sister in Law died of metastatic lung cancer a few years ago.   She didn't know anything was wrong until it had already spread to her bones.    Lung cancer is one that is pretty tough to cure, since it often isn't caught early enough, among other reasons.  In the case of your mother, I would guess that the reason they didn't complete the procedure was that the cancer had already spread (metastasized) to other places, like the other side of the lung or other organs, or bones.   So it was a terminal situation at that point.   Could a more extensive evaluation, PET scans, MRI, etc spared her the surgery?   That is sure a possibility.  Did the surgery have an adverse effect on the course of her disease?  That seems less likely, although the surgery itself surely was a negative thing.    But in all cases, regardless of what the Chiros claim, manipulation of the spine to align subluxations would have done nothing to affect it at all.  Neither would Reiki,  copper bracelets, Laetrile, or an orgone box.  
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    • I guess you weren't watching during the nominating process.  Sure people are getting on board now.  That is irrelevant to my thesis. 
    • Thanks for the suggestion Hawg. The old window was single pane privacy glass, so all it did was let light in. I kind of figured that this will prob frost up and we have a fan that can put on it. The main reason I put it on there is because I didn't like the idea of having a piece of glass in the V on the traffic side.
    • *chuckle* That didn't take long. "What did you use for bait?" A black dude, Hillary, and a cat.
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