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  1. I do have to admit the muskies and pike I've caught on that thing never inhaled it like that, but they tend to t-bone those lures (or just miss them altogether which is another world of frustrating).
  2. Sauk River Chain. The old ladies' cousins' place. Never fished here, and the bow mount on their boat wasn't working so I was doing my best trying to drift weedlines and see if I couldn't coax a follow or 2.
  3. I don't know why people say they are hard to catch. 26.25" and dumb enough to hit an 8 inch phantom softtail.
  4. Caught a mixed bag (7 species) in a short trip today. Most notably 9 walleye, but all 14.5 and under (unusual for that lake where I rarely hook any under 16). In terms of quality my best fish was a 19 inch largemouth, appeared spawned out already.
  5. I thought the flatness of fireline made it more prone to digging in on baitcasters. I use Sufix 832 for heavier tests and Spiderwire Ultracast Invisibraid in the lighter tests. I catch enough toothy critters that I usually just take enough off in 2 foot segments to keep the line fresh.
  6. Since I mostly muskie fish I don't use many smaller rods. Really between now and muskie opener I use just 2 rods (although I had my ultralight out for trout on Sunday, failed miserably like everyone else I talked to). I have a 7'1" M-F Mojo Bass spinning paired with an older Pflueger Supreme XT, and a 7'2" M-F Shimano Cumulus (which is now 7' since I broke the last 2 inches off) paired with the original Quantum Smoke PT
  7. Looks like they are all Mojo Bass (except 1). The reels look to be Shimano of varying types. Probably $300 each full retail, $200 if you find deals. But eww on the right-hand retrieve.
  8. Tons of holes now to fill. A good haul for Diggs helps, but we need to bring in some free agents or make some player acquisitions in trades.
  9. I haven't bought one in a while but my old enclosure had a separate power supply to power the enclosure.
  10. HDD size shouldn't matter, SATA connectors are SATA connectors. You should be able to make it work.
  11. BobT, depending on the interface of your Dell you can just take it out of the old PC and install it in the new one. I'm going to guess it's still SATA, but if your Dell is truly ancient then it may be IDE. It also just might be your power supply bit the dust. It may have the 5V necessary for the power button, but nothing on the 12 volt rails. Del's advice works too if you want something portable.
  12. Not sure about iPhone, but I use ISS Detector on Android. Otherwise just browse to https://www.heavens-above.com/
  13. Opener was an odd one. I had 47 degrees for a water temp when I started Saturday. When I left a different lake Sunday, I had 64 for a water temp. Fishing was slow for the most part. Picked up a dozen pike over the weekend, a lone walleye, a pair of bass, and a handful of panfish. Everything seemed to be relating to shoreline, nothing on midlake structure or even dropoffs from shelves that are a ways from shore. There was no rhyme or reason to where the fish were located either, they just seemed to be scattered about. Weeds are non-existent for the moment. I expect fishing to be be
  14. The only year I've seen ice on WI opener is 2013. March of 2013 was a full 6° F colder (mean temperature) for the month than March 2018 has been. So already we are off to a considerably better start. More importantly though, April of 2013 was an abysmal month. On a stretch from April 5th to April 27th, we received just 15 total hours of partial sunshine (partly cloudy), out of a possible 286 hours of sunshine, meaning the sun was out just 5% of the time (probably closer to 4% with passing clouds during those partly cloudy days). It was also tremendously below average temperature-wi
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