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  1. Nick Kuhn

    Vikings 2019

    Tons of holes now to fill. A good haul for Diggs helps, but we need to bring in some free agents or make some player acquisitions in trades.
  2. I haven't bought one in a while but my old enclosure had a separate power supply to power the enclosure.
  3. HDD size shouldn't matter, SATA connectors are SATA connectors. You should be able to make it work.
  4. BobT, depending on the interface of your Dell you can just take it out of the old PC and install it in the new one. I'm going to guess it's still SATA, but if your Dell is truly ancient then it may be IDE. It also just might be your power supply bit the dust. It may have the 5V necessary for the power button, but nothing on the 12 volt rails. Del's advice works too if you want something portable.
  5. Not sure about iPhone, but I use ISS Detector on Android. Otherwise just browse to https://www.heavens-above.com/
  6. Opener was an odd one. I had 47 degrees for a water temp when I started Saturday. When I left a different lake Sunday, I had 64 for a water temp. Fishing was slow for the most part. Picked up a dozen pike over the weekend, a lone walleye, a pair of bass, and a handful of panfish. Everything seemed to be relating to shoreline, nothing on midlake structure or even dropoffs from shelves that are a ways from shore. There was no rhyme or reason to where the fish were located either, they just seemed to be scattered about. Weeds are non-existent for the moment. I expect fishing to be better next weekend, as pike and walleye would have been just spawned out (I caught more pike on the lake that would have seen spawn earlier). Did spot a pair of muskies shallow still spawning Saturday. Bass were suspiciously absent from the shallows for the most part.
  7. The only year I've seen ice on WI opener is 2013. March of 2013 was a full 6° F colder (mean temperature) for the month than March 2018 has been. So already we are off to a considerably better start. More importantly though, April of 2013 was an abysmal month. On a stretch from April 5th to April 27th, we received just 15 total hours of partial sunshine (partly cloudy), out of a possible 286 hours of sunshine, meaning the sun was out just 5% of the time (probably closer to 4% with passing clouds during those partly cloudy days). It was also tremendously below average temperature-wise (20 of the first 25 days were 10 degrees or more below average). Once the sun comes out in mid-April ice goes extremely fast. It would take another month like 2013 where the sun just doesn't come out at all for it to happen.
  8. Keenum played decent most of the game, but he made 2 huge mistakes - the INT, and taking a sack to put us out of FG range. I expect next week to be low scoring and Keenum can't make a mistake that results in lost points for us or easy points for the Eagles.
  9. I could see the NFL issuing a fine to the Packers for this, not that the fines ever make a difference in how teams do things.
  10. In the summer I catch a fair number of pike. I wouldn't say there are a lot of them, but you should be able to find some (or more likely find some bass). The thing is they bunch up in the shallows in the summer, places you likely wouldn't fish through the ice.
  11. Nick Kuhn

    Teddy's Back!!

    He had 2 dropbacks, let's analyze them. First dropback. Floyd is his first read, running a deep post. There's a safety not even on the screen and the corner has a huge cushion, you can't throw that route. You have Thielen running the 0 yard out route, Teddy never even looks there so I'm guessing that was a decoy route to try draw defenders. Here he is transitioning to looking at Morgan, who might be able to get you 4 yards before you get him absolutely murdered by the defender over the top of Thielen. He then looks backside to Treadwell, who is running a slant route right into the safety staring right at Teddy. Throwing there would be 6 points Bengals. From there you know he dances a bit before throwing high to McKinnon as the checkdown. This is the second play. I have no idea how anyone can fault Teddy here. First of all we have a brilliant blocking scheme where Rashod Hill has to block two guys by himself (he took the inside man, leaving the outside man as a free runner). The defense is running a zone with all eyes on the QB. Throwing to Morgan will be picked off. Throwing to Treadwell there will be a collision right as the ball arrives. Thielen has Treadwell's defender sitting under the throw with a safety (offscreen) over the top. Murray is running a wheel route that will take him right to the other safety. He hits Floyd right in the hands for what should have been a 7 to 8 yard gain.
  12. Nick Kuhn

    Teddy's Back!!

    It also helps that Thielen and Diggs are #1 and #2 in the league in contested catches.
  13. Nick Kuhn

    Teddy's Back!!

    Generally speaking, such streaks in the NFL are an anomaly and players fall back into their typical play (see 2015 Cam Newton Vs 2016/2017). That's the first 33 games of Case's career (which is up to the bye week of this season), and the last 6 games (after the bye week this year). You wouldn't want to give Case a Matt Flynn type contract only to see him fall back to the top line kind of stats.
  14. Nick Kuhn

    Teddy's Back!!

    2 balls off receivers hands and 3 kneeldowns.
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