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Lowrance I-Finder Power Problem

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I have a Lowrance I-Finder GPS that has problems turning on and off. I have to push the power button with a needle nose pilers to get it to power up and shut it down. Anyone know where I can get it fixed or a way to fix it?

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I have not had any problems with mine--yet. I have noticed that the cover or faceplate can get a little off center and can come off.

I would take the faceplate off and put it back on again to make sure everthing is lined up right. There is one tab on the top and two on the bottom that hold it on, I would start at the top.

The other thing is I would check the buttons on the back of the face plate to see if the button is broke or has dust or something in it. You can buy new faceplates if it is broke(of different colors) so they are available at Cabella's and similiar stores.

The touchpad you hit is real small so I could see where a needle nose pliers would work.

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