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  1. I am not mechanically inclined, but I had this happen a few years ago and took it into the dealership. They gave me a different prop and the problem went away. The only change was the pitch with it going one step down, more power and little less speed. Same diameter. You take off, everything is going fine and then you just bog down for a few seconds. You give the engine a few words of encouragement. As you get close to plane, it seems to resolve itself if you are lucky. Mine also worsened as load increased, such a passenger weight or extra gear. With the props with hubs and blades sold seperately, you may be able to experiment. That and maybe balance to load in the boat. Like I said, not a mechanic, so if I am wrong, sorry. But you might solve your problem with a call to the prop shop.
  2. Care because even if they are able to claim they are fishing for pike instead of muskies, the DNR has let them know they are being watched. We are all watching them. And writing their boat numbers down. I saw the same thing on the St Croix a few weeks ago, guy casting spinner baits for bass. Even last Saturday there was a boat on Waconia casting huge baits for who know what, but my guess was muskies. Just call TIPS.
  3. I have been involved in finance and credit for 20 years. A certified check is the only way I would go. Have them meet you at the bank so you can verify it is not a bogus check-you would be surprised what some people can do with a printer. If they have to have a regular check, they do not get possession of the boat until the check has cleared. And many banks will certify a personal check for a fee. Or better yet, if you are at the bank, pay the $10 and get it converted to a certified check right there on the spot. Just keep possession of the boat until the bank verifies that the check has cleared. He who has control of the boat controls the transaction. Talk to your local banker. If you are with the same lending institution, or they have your loan on the boat, they will work with you. Just don't assume because the guy drives a nice vehicle, or dresses nice, that he is good for the money. Mistake!! Another red flag is if they have a story why they have to have it now, but they are good for it. "Trust me, the check will clear" No matter how good the story, control the tranaction. I would run like heck from this deal. Many said cash. I would not do that unless they met me at the bank. You are talking alot of money. You do not want to have that kind of money on your person. This could be a scam and the intent may be to harm you. You are placing yourself in danger carrying large sums of money. Just use common sense and don't trust anyone but your mother(and only on Mothers Day)!!! An attorney may be able to collect it, but he may charge $200 an hour or 1/3 of the balance. And that gets expensive fast.
  4. I think the point is why can you buy auto oil for $1-2 dollars a quart and the oil for the boat is $5 a quart. I can't imagine there is a additive that would add $3 a quart. I think my oil filter was $12 and I wondered the same thing. I think we just have to shop around a bit.
  5. Dante wanted to be moved, so he acted like a baby. Had he acted mature, worked with the new coach on understanding the defense, rehab in Minnesota, this would not have been an issue. If he did not have the bonus due, they could have just ignored him and his whining and in time this all would have disappeared. Healed, he would have had more value. The real problem was the $6 million he was due. He was not worth it to the Vikings, and to get a 2nd or 3rd round pick and not have to pay the 6 mil, he was worth dumping. The value in the picks always comes just before the draft, but it would have cost the Vikings a chunk of change to maybe improve value for Dante. Besides, what did the Eagles get for T.O.? Nothing! Dante will never be the same. Even if he recovers, one shot in that knee and he is done for good. Besides, now he can do all his party boat activities and truely be in international waters!! p.s. Pray he floats into Cuban waters and they keep him!
  6. walleyehawk


    You know what Freddie says, 68% of the earth is covered by water, the other 42% is covered by Freddie Smoot. I think he must have mistaken the Carolina stadium for water. Freddie has been getting himself into a lot of trouble on the water lately!
  7. This weekends game with the Packers is critical. You have two teams in the Norris division fighting to see who is the second worst team in the NFL. The Texans are a little worse than the Vikings based on the game last evening. The Packers still care, but they are pretty weak with injuries at WR and the lack of an offensive line. But no matter how old he is, and how bad his line stinks, I would take Farve over Dante any day of the week. This team is a ship wreck!
  8. Was it worth it? Did Santa bring you enough walleyes or did he make you drive the sleigh? P.S. Next year don't bring the oatmeal eggnog!
  9. Fishface Either you were watching Comedy Central or having flashback of the Larry the Cable Guy video. Good stuff though. Think I saw Tater Salad is having a special coming up real soon.
  10. The management says the quickest way to get Dick's growing is to put a Victoria's Secret next door.
  11. Marks Prop in Forest Lake is where I took mine last year and he did an excellent job. I know of 3-4 people that have taken their props there and everyone has been very pleased with the quality of the work.
  12. This is no surprise, just posturing by manufacturers. Lund/Crestliner had said they would only put Merc's on their boats, so what Evenrude did was only to save face. I spoke to a boat mft rep down at the sports show. You could get a Yamaha/Honda/Suzuki etc motor on a Lund, but it will be a hassle. First you have to find a dealer that will risk upsetting the Lund/Mercury cartel and get you a different brand, if they even sell them anymore. What use will it be to a exclusive Lund dealer and sell a Yamaha, Honda? Then you will have to sell the Mercury to someone. With the incentives on motors, a loose motor will have diminished value. You could take a hit on the trade in on the Mercury. Weak market on loose motors. I think all manufacturers will lose on this. Yamaha will lose a lot of motor sales. Honda too. And I think Lund and Crestliner will have a hard time selling boats without the motor choice. And each boat manufacturer will align with a boat company. I know I plan to keep my boat until this is all resolved. What will happen? Money will talk or the courts will. Someone, a boat dealer, a consumer, Attorney General Hatch will file a lawsuit claiming a monopolistic tying arrangement and sue Mercury's parent for HUGE bucks. And I think they have a good chance to win. I think the only way to succeed in the boat/motor industry is to stay clear of this mess. Let Mercury take Lund and Crestliner down. The new owner paid big bucks for Lund/Crestliner and when they perform poorly, the stockholders will demand changes.
  13. Griz is the rip jigging expert I hear. He now sells his jigs that in the past only sold to clients. It looks like a feather jig and Gander Mountain sells them. He also speaks at the sports show Friday evening. I think like any technique, it has it's time and place. I have used it on Leech Lake in the fall and did OK, with others in my group doing better. Do a Google search on "Griz" and you might find some articles others have written based on interviews with him.
  14. I had garlic cheesey walleye at a restaurant once and it was great. Try Infisherman's internet site. They usually have some great walleye recipe's from Twin Cities restaurants. Also, I saw this on a Canadian fishing show for shore lunch. 2 walleye fillets on a large sheet of alum foil. Then top with sliced tomatoes and/or lemons. Season with pepper or other spice and seal. Put on medium low heat on grill. Don't recall time. If you leave skin on, it will probably stick to the alum foil and preserve the fillet better.
  15. Good point. I remember a few years ago it warmed before the houses were all off. Accesses were dangerous and all these ice houses were still out on the lake. Was a mess. The point about it being your house is a good one. But remember if something happens and you go through the ice, others have to put their lives in peril to save you. You can still use a portable or even go up north where the date is later.
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