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Highlifter outlaw 2/ deep snow tire?

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Anyone running these tires in the winter? How well do they work for deep snow? Need a good all season/deep snow tire for a sportsman 500

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Can't comment on the highlifters.  But when I bought new tires I got the STI Mud Trax.  They are somewhat similar in the big lugs and directional pattern.  

I found that they do just ok on snow and ice.  On ice, similar to if you are just on a hard pack surface, only the bottom of the lugs are touching so you don't have much surface area which equals not much traction on ice.  

In snow the big lugs dig in quite a bit, similar to soft sand.  Once your down and in that snow chews up so soft and thin, that there isn't any thing to grab and you end up high centered.  


So with that said, I have ridden around other wheelers with some different tires.  And the best ones I have seen in snow, have been Interco Radial Reptiles.  So those or a similar pattern to those would be what I would get and should have gotten.  Sedona Ripsaw looks like a good pattern too.  


I went a size up on both my front and back when I got new ones.  Next time I get new tires, I will go the same size in front as in back.  Just to get more surface area and gain a little flotation in snow.  

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