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lazer mag ultra recall

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Thanks for the posting, Jeff. I took my Ogger
to Big Lake on Friday for the recall you
mentioned. Yes, I got a new shaft, new blades, another Allen Wrench set, and even an
extra set of blades. (And a complimentary
sweatshirt, "for my troubles.") I was really
impressed with the Customer Service - it was
awesome. He went out of his way to make sure
I was 100% satifsfied. And that I was!!!!
Apparently, 2000 of these were recalled.

Another satisfied customer!

Should of been dere yesterday.

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I posted this a couple of months ago..... There is a recall on the drills for some of the Lazer Mag Ultras. Thats the nine inch, three blade drill. The way to tell the difference is that the "new" drill has strapping between the three lobes on the blade. The "old" or bad batch of drills were not connected at the lobes and they also had diagonal rods from the lobes to the shaft.
The "old" drills cut very hard if at all and you couldn't get a straight hole.

Call or e-mail Strikemaster and they will tell you how to proceed.

After recieving my new drill, I'm very pleased with this auger. Their Customer Service is hard to beat!

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