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Brought my 8 year old Lab to the vet today to get a hematoma in his ear taken care of. He was due for his shots anyway, so we rolled it all into one big appointment (read $$$). The vet told me it would be a couple of hours. They were starting with a little blood work and would then do the procedure, so I left the vet office and headed for home.

Halfway home, the vet tech called and said that she needed to discuss Max's test results. Turns out he tested positive for Anaplasmosis. It's a deer tick transmitted disease that affects dogs similar to Lyme's disease. They have to send the bloodwork to an outside lab, so we won't know if there is any kidney or liver damage until later tomorrow, but you can guess that we won't be sleeping much tonight.

Doing a little more research tonight, the Lyme's disease vaccination does not prevent Anaplasmosis, and as of right now, there is no vaccination at all. But you can bet that we are thanking our lucky stars tonight that the whole ear hematoma came about. If it hadn't, I don't know when the next time he would have been in to see the vet.

The test results that we received today pointed at a slight positive, which hopefully means that this was either caught right away, or he is only a carrier. In which case, he wouldn't show any symptoms and would not likely get sick.

But we are sending up good thoughts tonight and hoping for good news tomorrow.

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my girl had this two years ago and has been fine since,usually a month of doxycyclene and you'll be good to go.the antibiotic Is a strong one,I remember having to keep her mello for about a half hour after her taking the med,otherwise she would throw up!

good luck.

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If your vet is running the most up-to-date blood test (primarily looking for heartworm) they will also see evidence of anaplasmosis (if dog is infected) each spring when they run the annual blood test.

My dog tested positive and went on antibiotic treatment. She is fine other than just getting older.

One thing I learned is don't get lazy on tick prevention in the fall - plenty of "other" diseases out there. Prevention is not just vaccination. Try keep the ticks off in the first place and inspect dog when you get home.

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We got the results back from the vet and they said that everything looks normal. So they said that a slight positive on the initial heartworm test could mean that he is carrying the disease, but it is not affecting him. They didn't give him anything to treat it, just said to watch for any symptoms until his next heartworm test. I'm not sure how I feel about that one, but that's why they get paid the big bucks, right?

Is anyone using the 12 month heartworm preventative that also has the tick stuff added in? It costs quite a bit more, but after this, I'm wondering if it's the right thing to do. Our dogs get the Frontline spring-fall, so I was thinking that it's a bit overkill.

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Is anyone using the 12 month heartworm preventative that also has the tick stuff added in? It costs quite a bit more, but after this, I'm wondering if it's the right thing to do. Our dogs get the Frontline spring-fall, so I was thinking that it's a bit overkill.

Our vet started our Pup on Sentinel Flavor Tabs which kills the heart worm. They also control adult hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum), and remove and control roundworms (ascarids - Toxocara canis and Toxascaris leonina) and whipworms (Trichuris vulpis). In addition, Sentinel Flavor Tabs break the flea life cycle.

They also gave us the stuff in the tube that you put on the back shoulders...similiar to K9 advantix for Tick and Mosquito protection.

I do agree that checking the dog for ticks after being out is still the best prevention.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • In general,  fishing the breaks starting at 32ft then shallower is a good start. You may find a fish here and there durring the day but I find the bite is at its best just before the sun hits the horizon and an hour before and after. These fish along with crappies will swim up and down these breaks at this time of evening to feed. Good luck, its timing durring the year to get a good bite and its different every year. The Croix just does not like to give up those toothy critters in the winter on a consistent manor. 
    •   yup.    its changed the forum game for sure.  i can easily find specific bodies of water/areas on facebook in a much easier to participate with format.  posting pictures, replying, etc etc.    i also think like you that in the interest of trying to keep everything in order, many message boards such as this one spread themselves to thin with so many subforums it because almost impossible to navigate. 

      was a moderator of another webforum that has been 5 or 6 years defuct.  their problem wasn't facebook it was that it had 150 active members but over 200 different forums.   it was ridiculous.  i had no say, the site got so little traffic that they shut it down. 

      for HSO/fishing mn (annoying 2 sites now) all of the subforums for different areas are void of info, but you can find plenty of info on facebook.  (faribult fishign reports on fb for example has 10 new topics and almost 60 posts in just a handful of days.  never got that in this forum.    the bigger ones this is for sure an issue but easily navigable.   it is amazing that people under their real name will be so unhelpful and hateful. 
    •   I couldn't agree more.  The Facebook pages are just ridiculous....all of them.  Surprising to me, given the fact that people are using their real names and what not.  Back when this site was popular, it was a great resource for all things hunting and fishing, and there were a lot of great friendships made.  Now it is but a shell of it's former greatness, but I'd sure like for it to get back on track!
    • hey of your star QB's apparently cut off all his dreads...................oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Nice warm breakfast dinner is on the menu for us tonight.    Hasbrowns, eggs toast and bacon of course. 
    • 1.22.18 Sunset Lodge Fishing Report   Hello from the NW Angle!   Minnesota walleye fishing has been consistent between 18-21 feet. The most effective method is on the dead stick set slightly above the jigging rod. 25-28 feet is also filling buckets with a good walleye and sauger mix, even the occasional jumbo perch. Slender and Tundra spoons have been bringing fish to the house. We have also seen numerous northern pike this week with the largest being over 42.”   Canadian walleye fishing remain excellent, especially along points and reefs. Crappie action has been hit or miss. The bite has been better in the morning with anglers limiting out in the first few hours. Fishing deeper than 28 feet is important to get good action.   Until next week,   Sunset Lodge
    • You self proclaimed foodie people are a great help. Thanks a lot. 
    •   Geez Dave that 's easy. Since you sent the slave to work in a snow storm! Have her pick up dinner on the way home for you as well!
    •   I have checked a couple.  the stupidity and one-upmanship and language in most of the posts are unreal.  not for me.
    • Leftovers? Meatloaf Popcorn Pancakes
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