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Fantasy Football Thoughts/Strategies

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So I don't hi-jack the other Fantasy thread, I thought I would start one out to talk about what others do as far as strategy etc. I've been playing fantasy football for quite a few years and here are a few things I pay special attention to:

1. Running backs in contract years. The Running Back in the NFL is a young mans game and when they are in a contract year they seem to play through the bumps and bruises to secure that last big contract.

2. As the draft progresses, evaluate what other teams needs are. We all have some players we have "gut feelings" about. I like to keep from drafting them too high, by staying in tune with what I think others will be drafting/needing. By paying attention to the other teams needs, you can somewhat predict what player has the best chance of sliding to you later

3. Pay attention to your league schedule. If you play in a league that has playoffs, pay attention to when those are. Value players with good matchups those weeks a little higher and players with tough matchups a little lower. It is impossible to predict what will happen over the course of an NFL season, so this strategy is by no means full proof, but it always bites to roll through the regular season only to find you have a RB playing against the top 2 run defenses or a QB playing in Foxboro in the cold on Superbowl week..

Just some things to think about..... what do others do?

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Never bench a stud - A stud is a stud for a reason. You don't sit down Forte against the Vikes for Cedric Benson against the lions.

Never veto trades unless there is proven collussion - Trading is part of the game. Will 1 team get better, yes, that's why they do the trade. Don't veto it because you think that that team is now better than yours.

Always stash a rookie RB - Every year there are Rookie RB surprises. Yeah, I might burn my 14th round pick on Shone Green, but I did that last year with Steve Slaton and that worked nicely. I also stashed Ray Rice. Did I waste a pick, yeah, but it's the 11th frickin round. It won't break your draft but it definitely can make it.

Don't be a homer - Just because you live in MN doesn't mean you pick Shiancoe in the 5th or Hester in the 6th. It also means that you shouldn't be afraid to draft a Packer. (Rodgers, Jennings, Grant, etc.)

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I guess I assumed a bunch of folks on this site played fantasy, but maybe not.....

OR they don't want to share any secrets!!! smile

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