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anything going on?

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I havent been able to get up last 2 weeks--anything going on up there at all? or fishing that good that not telling?? lol

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I was out past the Sand Island Reef on Thursday(90-120 FOW). I marked some fish, but saw no bait fish. I did not get a single release and lost one of my homemade downrigger weights - So I lost more than I caught. But it was still nice to be out on the big lake

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    •   Thats the thing, I can't find really any good pictures of one. I was given this auger a few days ago buy a guy who didn't use or want it.  He only used it once when he forgot his power auger. There is a string with a price tag on it for $89. It was sitting in his machine shed in a corner collecting dust.   I cleaned up the auger and touched it up. There was a slight ding in the auger flighting up a turn or two from the bottom. That I fixed. However,  the mounting head for the blades didn't have any of the original powder paint damaged, none had flaked off, and there was no rust spots. The blades where rusted up but not damaged. I assume if they were bent the powder paint would have expanded & flaked off. The two blade angles seem to look like they are how they should be. So I'm really kinda leaning that the blade mounts might not be bent with the way it looks.    If I look at the shaver blades from the top or bottom they look like a normal shaver blade. However, when looked at from the side they seem to have a very slight curve that matches the blade mount. Did jiffy have a design like this different from the others? So I'm confused.......what would be the odds of both the blade mount sides being bent to what looks like exact angles.......if they were bent what is the odds of both blades seeming to conform to the bends without cracking or breaking........I measured from one outside blade edge to the other and got 8in......but I know 8in augers can go from a range of 7.5in-8.5in depending on brand and other things......If the blade mounts were bent I would think some powder paint would have flaked off.......I'll do the ice bucket trick.....was hoping someone had one or could chime in. It looks a little like a design between a flat shaver and a curved blade if it's not bent......I do really like the design if that is what it is meant to be. I also love the blade cover being a rubber that is tight and doesn't fall off. I just really don't know if they are bent or not bent. Confusing.....Also wondering if flat shaver blades would work on it or if I would need to find a set of Jiffy blades that had a slight curve to them.....
    • I wax every exposed part of the string. 
    • BD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wasnt good enough for a lakeside lot!!!!!!!!!!!
    •   Is that you, or the back of BD then?
    • well, that picture he posted?????????? that was my boat and i was part owner of that dock if that tells ya anything!!!!!!!!! yea he's been there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    •   Ok but you told BigDave huh? Maybe he'll give it up?
    • Hi guys,   I am a beginner and just purchased a Matthew Halon bow last year.  However, I haven't waxed the bowstring and figured I should do it before this season starts.   My bowstring doesn't seem to have any colors on it showing where to avoid waxing it.    Can somebody explain or direct me to a video on where to avoid waxing on the bowstring of a Matthew Bow?  I know the part about rubbing the wax into the string good, but I am unsure which part of the bowstring to avoid waxing exactly.    Thank you. 
    • North of the cities.........................south of I Falls!!!!!!!!!!!!! west of st cloud!
    •   Come give me a north-south zone at least!
    • I am just an outsider looking in, so I have an opinion and that is all it is not fact. I have fished Mille Lacs quite a bit over the last 3-4 years.  The fishing has just gotten better. I don't know if it is because the fish really are lacking a food source or if there are just that many fish in the lake. This past Monday we were there to chase smallies. While we did do OK on the smallmouth we did happen to catch 6 walleye up on the rock in 6-12 ft. All looked fat and healthy. Seemed unusually shallow for this time of year. I don't care if this lake stays catch and release only. It is a blast catching 10-15 walleye over 20in in an afternoon. I just hope that "IF" the walleye population is on the decline that politics and special interests, including the tribes, will be able to step back and allow the lake to be managed as necessary to keep this incredible fishery alive. Just my opinion.
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