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  1. thanks for info--if i ever get small boat up here!!!
  2. any one ever fish these lakes around Iron River?? I never really give inland lakes much thought--just wondering if any walleyes or panfish lakes around there?? thanks
  3. Looking or wondering if any canvas shops in Ahland-Washbun area at all?? thanks
  4. Well--since no one else seems to be out fishing or writing about it--wife and I went out the 15th and 16th from Corny--fished from 9-2pm one day and 8-2pm the other--ended up with 10 cohos and one nice 9.5pd king--biggest I have caught from the big lake yet!! All on yellow sticks and also fished riggers with yellow spoons--caught the king 50ft down on spoon along with a few cohos--30 ft down--water temps there were 39-44--fished in 100-120 fow--was a great weekend to get out-water was calm for both days--and warm out--good luck
  5. any one getting any walleyes yet or trying??
  6. No one fishing anymore??? I havent been up for a while--guess no one else has been fishing either eh??
  7. great--I never fished that lake yet and was going to give it a try til I seen how bad that wind was blowing--well maybe I give it a try in a few weeks--thanks
  8. let me know how you do on Minog flowage if you would--I was going to try that also--til I seen how windy it was!!!
  9. Yeah there is alot of water out there and over the years I have caught a few now and then--along with a king here and there--seems when I have caught them--Ive been able to make another pass through same area and catch one or 2 more--of course this is all by accident!! But accidents do happen! lol thanks again for info---those flats over there--that along the Ashland side? just wondering---------- TO ALL THERE'S A SMELT FRY IN HEBSTER ON SATURDAY-17th--also--think starts around 1pm???
  10. so then were do they go in summers?? whats their temp that they like the most then?? thanks for info--just wondering
  11. so coho only stay shallow for a short period then?? wife and I fished Corny and caught 3 Friday and then only one more over weekend--but did end up with 4 nice browns also--but coho's only stay til when then??
  12. superiorfishguy


    ok thanks--saves me a trip up--sure time will come soon
  13. any action on any lakes yet?? or lil too early yet?
  14. Corny landing getting close to open yet?? or any in that area??