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HDS series Lowrance and LGC 4000 puck users?

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I looking for anyone that has an HDS series Lowrance also using a LGC 4000 puck to chime in and let me know what kind of EPE readings you are seeing. Just go to your System menu and choose Satellite and you will see all the satellites you are locked onto and should see a number for the EPE. I am trying to find out how much more accurate the puck makes the Estimated Positioning Error compared to the internal antenna. I am sitting in the low to mid 30's using my internal on my HDS7. If there are any other benefits to the external let me know, wondering if it is worth shelling out an extra 250 for the puck plus 50 for the network kit you need but I would also be able to take advantage of the Lowrance 100 dollar rebate if I did purchase the puck. So basically, is it worth an extra 200 bucks?

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I was out tonight with my networked HDS-10's on the water and ran a little test that might be of interest to you. With my LCG-4000 hooked up, my EPE was 8' with an HDOP value of .6.

The best I saw when I unhooked the LCG-4000 and used the internal antenna only was 26' (sorry, missed the HDOP).

My impression is that the HDS internal antenna is at least as good as the previous generation of LCG (3K & 2K) receivers, but the LCG-4000 is definitely a step ahead in performance with it's update rate of 5 hz.

Jim Carroll NPAA #13

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WOW! that is way better than I even imagined. That is fantastic, I think I will be looking at purchasing a 4000 puck.

I appreciate you taking the time to check that out and letting me know.

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