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  1. jason007

    Trailer Guide-Ons suggestions

    thanks for the suggestions. I think I will try the practice option first, probably a good idea regardless of guide-ons. I like the vertical post idea, gives you a more visual information when driving boat up to the trailer. A practice day would be good for the wife too, I am trying to get her more open to backing the trailer in and if she knows we aren't in a hurry to get out and fish or in line with other boats it will ease the stress on both of us! Can't wait to get on the water.
  2. I have a trouble landing my boat by myself and also with some of the company I fish with that have little or no experience. I seem to get off center and get frustrated pulling in crooked and backing up and trying over and over again to hit the trailer straight on, especially if I am fighting some cross winds. I have a 17' Smokercraft and a roller trailer, I am looking for suggestions on what type of guide on I should add to my trailer. I am sort of a newer boat owner too and haven't mastered trailering. Also, I want to put the boat in on the Red River here in Fargo and know it would probably suck not having guide ons fighting the current trying to push the boat to the side of trailer.
  3. jason007

    HDS-8 powers off

    I took a look at my cranking battery and it is made by Trojan and is a 825 CCA. I will look around for a 1000CCA battery and see what happens. I do happen to have a second marine cranking battery in the garage, is there any harm in wiring them in parallel? Will the alternator on the motor charge both okay? Just wondering if I have the room if it would be better to do two batteries in parallel or just get a new 1000CCA batt.
  4. jason007

    HDS-8 powers off

    What does it mean if my Lowrance HDS8 powers off when cranking over the motor? It doesn't do it everytime but had done it a few times.
  5. jason007

    2002 Crestliner Sportfish 1850 / 125 HP Merc.

    I am expecting this boat to do double duty. It must be powerful enough to pull the kids tubing and skiing, and it needs to be a great fishing boat. I pictured this one fitting the bill. Do I need to reconsider this boat due to the motor size?
  6. jason007

    2002 Crestliner Sportfish 1850 / 125 HP Merc.

    Does $12,500 sound okay price on this one? No electric trolling motor, no fish finder, no kicker. The pics looked very very clean.
  7. I am looking for any feedback on this boat and motor. I found this boat for sale on C.L. and plan on purchasing it tomorrow but just want to be sure I am not getting something that is know for issues or anything like that. I am mainly concerned about the motor. The seller couldn't tell me much about the motor but did say it was what came with the boat when the bought the boat new. I am assuming it is a 2 Stroke motor. Anyone have any feedback good or bad on this setup?
  8. jason007

    90hp vs 115hp

    I know this is a very general non detailed question but wondering in general how much I would notice upgrading from a 2 stroke 90hp to a 115hp 2 stroke. The reason I ask is that I am selling my 1997 17ft Smokercraft which has a 1995 V4 90hp Johnson 2 stroke and looking to upgrade to a boat with a bigger motor so it will be better at pulling tubers and skiers than my current boat. With my boat I can pull our young kids (8yrs & 13yrs old) in the tube fine, but once I tried pulling a large adult or two teenagers and my boat just didn't have the power it needed. I need a great fishing boat that can double duty as the tubing boat too. Any ideas? Most of the boats I see for sale like the Alumacraft/Crestliner/Lund have 90hp to 115hp motors on them, every now and then you see a 150hp. I know for sure I need more horses just not sure how much I need.
  9. jason007

    Johnson 90HP V4 2 Stroke tough starting

    Yeah, I ended up having over half a tank of fuel left in the boat, about 10 gallons but I added seafoam to it when I filled up the tank last year. Yes I definitely had the water muffs on the motor. I remember it being real tough to start the first time last year too, maybe because how I winterize it? I didn't run the motor and spray fogging fluid into it till it dies like I have heard other people do, I just pulled the 4 spark plugs and sprayed the fogging/winterizing fluid into the cylinders and finger tightened the plugs back in. It will be fine like last year after I finally spent enough time cranking it over but just wondering if I am making the problem worse somehow or if it that big of a deal to run last years gas even if it has seafoam in it. I guess to test out that theory I could pick up a portable gas can and run my motor off of that. I ran fine all last year, just issue with getting it going the first time of the year.
  10. I think it is a 1994 but not positive. I am having issues getting it to run in the driveway. It fires up and runs for like 2 or 3 seconds and then dies, I start it back up right away and it does the same thing, runs for 2 or 3 seconds and dies. I did this over and over maybe about 15 times. It seemed like it was starting to get a little better but gave up and figured I would give the starter a rest. Any suggestions?
  11. jason007

    Gas gauge not working on Alumacraft-Help!

    I also have an issue and was wondering if there are any safety concerns to take into consideration when removing the sending unit from the tank with gas still in it? I am a little nervous about connecting and disconnecting a source of voltage on the sending unit to troubleshoot.
  12. jason007

    Terrova VS Powerdrive.... worth the extra money?

    I purchased the quick release plate when I bought this and love it. So far I really like everything about the motor, stow and deploy is awesome and I enjoy using the foot pedal sitting back at the console.
  13. jason007

    Which planer board?

    Offshore it is. If I am setting up a dedicated trolling rig to use with the planer boards are you recommending using like a 10 lb mono then?
  14. jason007

    HDS series Lowrance and LGC 4000 puck users?

    WOW! that is way better than I even imagined. That is fantastic, I think I will be looking at purchasing a 4000 puck. I appreciate you taking the time to check that out and letting me know.
  15. I looking for anyone that has an HDS series Lowrance also using a LGC 4000 puck to chime in and let me know what kind of EPE readings you are seeing. Just go to your System menu and choose Satellite and you will see all the satellites you are locked onto and should see a number for the EPE. I am trying to find out how much more accurate the puck makes the Estimated Positioning Error compared to the internal antenna. I am sitting in the low to mid 30's using my internal on my HDS7. If there are any other benefits to the external let me know, wondering if it is worth shelling out an extra 250 for the puck plus 50 for the network kit you need but I would also be able to take advantage of the Lowrance 100 dollar rebate if I did purchase the puck. So basically, is it worth an extra 200 bucks?