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Kickoff Report – 4/2/08

Tyler Holm

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Lake Zumbro has 1 of 3 boat ramps (rest are iced up) open and just enough open water to splash the boat for the 1st open water cattin trip. Really didn’t know what to expect as I never chased cats this early before. Around 5:30 we got setup in the deeper section of the channel where we marked lots of fish suspended and bottom hugging fish. Anchor ahoy and it wasn’t 3 minutes and crazy hollars Fish-on! He barely got the 24”er in the boat before my rod was twitching.

15 minutes into the morning and our expectations were blown out of the water. The fish ralley’d until about 30 minutes after sunrise, then things shut down. Good thing too, because we actually ran out of cut bait (15ish sucker chubs).

Final tally: 19 cats, 2 doubles… 6 > 24” with the largest going 28”


Fresh supply of cut bait and a little different game plan for tomorrows POWER HOUR.

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All right Tyler!

I have heard up this way, right at sunset, the same thing occurs and more so after the sun sets. During the day has been a bust (for me).

Just picked up some new gear today. Almost ready.

Thanks for sharing dude \:\)

Is that the KOTC bumper sticker?

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Man what a morning! Like Tyler said, totally blew our expectations out of the water! Here are a few more pics from this am.

Nice double.


One of my KOTC fish. 27"x17"


Needless to say, I can't wait to get out there tomorrow.

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OH MY that's a pig Tyler...dang I knew I shoulda drove out there this morning...and you got the boat in too? I bet my lil' 14 footer will get right in there. What time should I meet you tomorrow then? lol

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