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When to spay

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I have an English Springer Spaniel and she's right at six months old. I have heard that a pup has to be at least 6 months old to get her fixed. I am going to get her spayed, as I'm not set up to raise pups right now.

Is there a minimum age to get a pup fixed? Is there a timeframe window? I'd like to have it done before her first heat, as my vet said that reduces the risk of cancer later on in life. Should I make the appointment ASAP or wait a couple of months?

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I would have it done before she goes into heat. I've had at least 4 females, and had them all spayed before heat cycle. Sure takes care of a lot of worries about the other dogs around the area to. CAJ

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Our vet clinic sent us a reminder when my new lab turned 6 months with an estimated cost sheet based on her last weight on record. I have always had our dogs spayed at about 6-7 months so this fit into my expectations. My problem was it was smack dab in hunting season and so I talked to the place where my dog trains and where I got her from. He stated that only about 10% of females will go into heat before 1 year of age so he felt I had some leeway to work with.

I kept her hunting and training and just had her spayed two weeks ago at the age of 10 months. I also wanted to avoid her going into heat for the cancer reasons you mentioned.

I don't think you have to do this ASAP, but each dog is different and your female may fall into the 10% number my breeder mentioned. Not sure if that number is scientifically accurate or based on his experiences.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • The storm last weekend  has moved the birds into the heavy duty winter cover. We had pretty good hunting in the cattails the last couple of days. Perfect weather helped.
    • In my humblest of opinions the simpler the better for prime rib.   Take it out of the refrigerator, salt (kosher) the entire piece and let stand until it's at room temp. Stick it into your smoker/oven at 450-500 degrees until crusted (about 1 cocktail). Lower heat to 325. Have a least 3 cocktails before poking it with a thermometer. Remove once internal temp is 120. Let rest for at least 1 more cocktail Cut and serve with horseradish.
    • In the worst case, the population would have to be held at a low level for a few years, like maybe 5.      I still haven't seen much indication that prions in the dirt are an issue in actuality (as opposed to theoretically).   
    • Fire Mike Preifer now : https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/raiders-nfl/kicking-adjustment-makes-difference-for-raiders-daniel-carlson-1546061/
    • The prions will always be in the soil, so the “clean” population will eventually contract them and we’re back to where we are now.    I love the the idea of trying to control CWD, but I don’t believe we can.   
    • I have not but it really sounds interesting. The video I watched used garlic, butter and thyme sprig when they seared it. Looked perfect when they cut it open.
    • It was probably always around but the deer population was kept to levels that were low enough that it never became an issue until people started to create game farms and food plots that concentrated the deer in smaller areas.    I suppose we could just go all in on the big antler craze and forget about eating them and just take the antlers for the wall. 
    • 99% of the time when I do beef I stick to kosher salt and coarse ground black pepper.  I salt the beef liberally as soon as I get it home from the market, wrap it back up in the butcher paper, and pop it in the fridge until cooking (24 hours is ideal, 12 is ok).   The salt will draw the water out of the meat, and then the meat will reabsorb the water with the salt molecules in it.  Seasons the inside and really helps produce a moist chunk o beef.   Check out articles on a dry brine for more details on how that science works.     Add the pepper before cooking.     I always have a bit of grated horseradish on the side.   The 1% of time I add more than salt n pepper, I add garlic and rosemary at the time I add the pepper.
    • Yeah, that also.  Thanks for coming along on the ride! 😉