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  1. My 3-year-old Springer has also been in the house since day one. The first year was rough, she was a chewer. Had to cordon her off into a spare bedroom while I was at work. She settled down quite a bit since then and now has the run of the place. Although last week she got ahold of a shotgun shell. She probably got to sniffing my hunting vest, which was draped over a chair in my office. She took one shell out of the speedloader on the vest, chewed on it a bit and left it on the living room floor for me to look at. This was not received well by me. Can dogs get lead poisoning from eating a BB from a shell? I figured it'll pass but still. I wouldn't have it any other way. There may be a chewing incident once in a great while but it's worth it to have her around all the time. I even taught her to run pass patterns down the hallway with her pheasant dummy used as the football. Oh, and she hunts too...
  2. Wow, I was going to ask where you saw the information about Nutro having problems...then I did a quick news search and found a recent story. Anyway, I've fed my Springer Nutro for two years without having any problems. Two weeks ago I bought a new bag and she's had at least five accidents on the kitchen floor since. She has never had this problem before. Nutro is saying that their food is safe, but I'm pretty sure it affected my dog. I just realized this problem was most likely due to her food and switched yesterday. Maybe it was just a bad bag of food, but I'm starting not to believe that after seeing this story - which was from a Consumer Affairs HSOforum.
  3. Thanks guys...he's taking her to the vet on Thursday; I just wanted to see if anyone had a similar happening with their pooch.
  4. My dad's 1 1/2 year old Springer is having a bit of a issue. For the last week, while taking her outside and after her initial pee, she continues to squat frequently. She seems to have the urge to urinate, but nothing comes out after the initial squat. She has no abnormal blood or discharge in her urine. She hasn't gone in the house or anything, but a bit of urine did escape as she was relaxing after exercising a couple days ago. She is an in-house dog and he takes her out frequently during the day and night. After she pees, she will squat 2 or 3 more times, when nothing much is urinated. This is a sudden change from her normal habit. Her eating and drinking habits are normal and she seems to be a little restless at night. Why does she suddenly have the constant urge to urinate?
  5. I would echo the possible need to see the vet. My parents' springer had a yeast infection in her ear within the first 4 months of getting her. Their dog continues to have some ear problems, although regular cleaning has seemed to help. I am very lucky because my Springer hasn't had any ear problems (knock on wood). Just took her to the vet for a wellness exam and they said she has some of the cleanest ears they've seen for a springer. I don't do anything crazy, just regular cleaning with an over-the-counter ear solution every couple weeks. I think I lucked out with my dog, but most springers are probably going to develop problems unless you closely monitor them (again...the floppy ears). Those yeast infections are way inside the ear canal and I believe the vet had to insert some sort of solution into my folks' dog's ear and she did NOT appreciate it.
  6. I have two questions. Does Bio-spot match the staying power of Frontline or Advantix? I had heard that Bio-spot washes off in water. Seems to me like Bio-spot is applied to your dog's coat, rather than directly to the skin. I may be thinking of another product, though. Also, do ticks show up again in the fall? I seem to remember hearing that ticks start popping up again in September/October. That's why I usually buy the six-month supply of Frontline.
  7. I've had my English Springer now for about a year and a half. I've kept the trimming thus far to a minimum, only keeping her ears and the backs of her legs trimmed up. She's starting to get a bit shaggy so I might want to take her in for a clipping this spring. Do the mainstream (Petsmart, Petco...) groomers do a good job? Or should I look for something local? I've heard some bad and some good stories about the mainstream outlets. I live in the Fargo/Moorhead area, anyone have a recomendation for a groomer that won't cut my dog's ear off?
  8. I have an English Springer Spaniel and she's right at six months old. I have heard that a pup has to be at least 6 months old to get her fixed. I am going to get her spayed, as I'm not set up to raise pups right now. Is there a minimum age to get a pup fixed? Is there a timeframe window? I'd like to have it done before her first heat, as my vet said that reduces the risk of cancer later on in life. Should I make the appointment ASAP or wait a couple of months?
  9. cjthomps

    Eye issue?

    I've noticed an increase in eye matter in my English Springer's eyes over the last two weeks. I've checked her eyes closely and can't see anything abnormal and her pupils respond to light normally. It's just that I clean off "eye boogers" from the corners of her eyes about 4 times daily. It used to be that I would rarely have to do this because there wasn't much excess eye matter. She's 17 months old and doesn't have any other health problems. Has anyone else ever encountered a serious health problem resulting from not responding in time to a similar condition? She hasn't been hunting in a little over a month, so I doubt it's an allergy/scratch to the eye causing the eye matter buildup.
  10. I've always thought that Springers have the longer coat to protect their skin against burrs and the like. When we go hunting, she gets a lot of burrs on her ears and behind her legs. Since they are mostly caught in her hair, they don't really bother her. After hunting, she is so tired that she just lays there and I brush and trim the burrs out of her hair. I guess you could say that she gets a cumulative trim as hunting season goes on. Right now, her ears are uneven from my expert grooming, but hey; this ain't no fashion show.
  11. My 11 month old Springer has developed a nasty affinity for eating dead animals. At first she would encounter something dead and just sniff at it and maybe try to roll in it until I caught her. Lately, whenever she encounters a dead bird, squirrel, gopher... she checks to see if I'm watching and in that sneaky Springer style, moves to block me from view. She then picks it up in her mouth to move away with it and when I call her name to come, she hunkers down and starts chewing. This usually isn't a problem when she is on a leash, as I can get to her before she swallows the darn thing. Last week, she got ahold of a dead bird and I could only rip part of it out of her mouth, her eating the rest. She ended up getting diarrhea that lasted for about a day and a half following this episode. She's on Heartguard and her movements have returned to normal, but is there any further health risk? Should I buy a seperate de-wormer to use? And, more importantly, what other corrective actions can I take other than noticing when she encounters a dead animal and walking up with direct eye contact with a firm "NO, Bad dog" and other forms of verbal/minor physical discipline?
  12. Thanks for the info. I should have specified in my previous post, I'm definitely looking at a field dog. I've done a large amount of research and have hunted behind springers in the past. The information that I have form this breeder is that the mother has strong hunting lines and has been used in the field, and so has the sire. The breeder mentioned that the sire, which they own, is soon to be trained for search and rescue. He said the value of the dog is too great for him and his family, and thus won't take him out hunting anymore for fear of any risk involved. I asked if that meant he didn't show any promise in the field, and he stated that that was not the case. That's about all I have to go on for now, until I take a look at the dogs. I'd be happy to hear about some other field springer breeders in the area, especially if they have or are expecting to have pups available soon.
  13. I'm looking at an English Springer Spaniel from Whispering Winds Kennel in Bemidji. I don't know much about the breeders and would like to know for sure before getting too serious. Are they reputable? Does anyone have a dog from there, or know of somebody that does? If anybody knows anything about them, I'd really like to have a little info. Thanks.
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