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  1. Codydog. Still here. Been busy huntting birds, but very slow on the Montana side. Lots of the good CRP is gone, and the bird numbers are about 20% of last year. Dakota side is a lot better this year. I hope we have a better winter, and a good hatch. More posted signs showing up this year.
  2. I got a tip from a trainer, about gun shy. Load dog in pickup and don't look or talk to dog. Drive down road and fire pistol out window. for about an hour a day. Do this for 2 weeks and maybe dog will learn to put up with shooting. Then walk with dog and fire pistol for a time for few days. Might work, and might not.
  3. Pheasant huntting in very NE montana has been tough. Numbers are way down ,and a lot of the good CRP is gone. Grain prices are causing the good habitat to disapeer. Hope for a mild winter, or we are realy in trouble
  4. I have 2 Savage HMR rifles. One thumb hole and one is black plain stock. Have shot many Gophers and a few Coyotes with it. Gophers blow apart if not hit in head. Coyotes if hit in a good area by front leg will go down and the bullet will not exit. You have a hard time finding to hole it went in without skinning. I just Got a cunversion kit for my 10-22 Ruger so I can shoot the Mach 2 in it. A lot cheaper buying the Mach 2 shells. Don't know how good the Mach 2 is compared to the 17 Hmr. Will find out soon.
  5. The best numbers I have seen and heard of are in and around Scobey, Redstone andEast and north of Plentywwood. Lots of walkin areas around Scobey andeast of there is Navaho area. Lots of bereaks in that area with crop land in and out of the Grass areas.
  6. I'm in NE Montana, and the harvest is going good. About 3 weeks late. Lots of Sharptail, but Pheasants are realy short supply.
  7. If it were my land, I would shoot if I want to. You have to respect the neighbors land from shots going off of your land. We don't have very many close farms where I live, so never had a problem with that. Hunting here within 440 yards of somebodys house is not legal.
  8. Thanks for a report. We don't get to much info on Montana. Hope to get it going more Cliff
  9. Was just wondering how everybody is doing after the big snow storm in the Great Falls area and norht
  10. At this time there are a lot of Oil feild jobs to the east of Fort Peck. We need good people in this country. I have a lot of rocks in my driveway if you want to start there.
  11. Some nice fish guys. Did you see any Elk or big Mule Deer while you were fishing? Good place to see them
  12. I can still remember my sons first time bird hunting. Now I have 3 Grandsons that I hope I will be able to take out. They have been Gopher hunting with me, and realy are getting a charge out of that. Start them young and they will be good hunters.
  13. I would move to Minot in a minute. I live west of there about 160 miles, and we go there shopping a lot. Like they all said, you are close to the best fishing in the country, close to very good Goose hunting and Deer hunting to the west of there is very good. I could not stand the hustle of the Cities either. If I go there, I let somebody else drive, and I get in the back seat and cover up my head so I don't see whats coming. Join us in the west.
  14. Doop Glad you got to come to Monatana to fish Fort Peck It is big water and wide open isn't it. Can be tuff with the wind we have in this country.
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