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  1. Tripleplay

    Mornings or Evenings?

    Over the weekend my son and I saw more deer in the mornings than in the evenings but possibly only because we finished up Sunday morning. I have a friend using my lease now since he wasn't seeing anything on his and he is seeing deer pretty much only in the evenings. (5 on Monday night and 7 more on Tuesday night) I assume he might be seeing the same group of 3 or 4 yearlings/fawns hitting the neighbors winter wheat field in the evening but at least they are up and moving around during shooting light.
  2. Tripleplay

    Opening weekend reports

    New lease in 241 near Butler. Son saw a dozen on Saturday and I saw eight. We believe 4 of those deer were seen by both of us and double counted. Other than a glimpse of a bigger deer in the swamp he shot the only adult doe he saw on Saturday. I got a big doe on Sunday morning a bit after 7AM and we were done for the season. The neighbors tagged out by 9AM Saturday with an 8ptr,doe and button and that realy helped out my stand since they weren't shooting them before they got to me. Key seemed to be that the deer were bedding in the pines and if you weren't in their bedroom or on the edge of it you weren't seeing much of anything. Daughter still deciding whether she can get away to hunt next weekend so I might still be back out there but happy with the results.
  3. Tripleplay

    Son wants to tag along hunting

    Two of my three turned into avid hunters and they came out probably the first time at about 9 or 10. Their Grandpa brought them out for the evening hunt on the second weekend and to this day the picture I have of all three of them in the stand before we headed out to have a cup of coffee with the landowners sits in a place of honor on the book shelf. The two hunters came back for the actual hunt and got to experience the "full meal deal" as I shot a doe as it crossed the field near us. I had really been using my travel times with them including to setup stands, etc. as a teaching time and the previous week there had been a shooting death of a hunter by a member of his party that ultimately was blamed on alcohol and a very poor decision. We had talked about what had gone wrong in that situation and little did I know how close they were actually listening! After I shot the doe, she ran into the woods and I decided to go in on my own and bring her out. Unfortunately I ended up having to shoot her again and to my chagrin my daughter went and got my cell phone and called her mother because they had decided that another hunter had shot me!! Thank goodness she wasn't home but they left a message. I was back in a few minutes and discovered what had happened and made another call but that didn't take the weight off of the first message left. The error I made on this one was deciding to leave them together in the stand instead of taking them with me. I was attempting to keep them away from the dirty work. Halloween candy to this day remains one of their favorite parts of deer hunting. Have fun, I can't wait for me to be the grandpa down the road and get to experience it all again.
  4. Tripleplay

    Need some advice!

    I'm most used to hunting hay fields so have always liked to be able to see as far as I can realistically shoot. There is one real nice area that probably sees the most traffic to the neighbors food plot but it is down range of their main stand and to keep things peaceful I told him we wouldn't set up in that area. He and my properties owner have had issues in the past with the easement, etc. so I decided to stay out of the way at least for this year as he immediately told me not to park or setup in that area. Understand he can't control where I set up and where I hunt but I'd like to have a good relationship with him if at all possible. I may be able to place one of the stands where I can see some of that crossing area and if I can safely stay away from their stand's shooting zone I'm going to try to be able to hunt that crossing area as best I can. The best stand of poplars is basically off limits due to it's location in that downrange neighbors shooting zone. I'm going to spend some more time on the property this Saturday to get a better feel for where I want to set up and to get a better feel if possible on where all of the neighbors permanent stands are located on the other sides of the lease assuming I don't have to swim to them.
  5. Tripleplay

    Need some advice!

    Yes, the first year or two is all guess work typically. When I walked the dry portion of the lease with the property owner he was able to share his experiences but he hasn't hunted the property for 10 years so the vegetation is a lot taller and thicker. I'm pretty sure I know where to place the two main stands and probably where I'm going to hang a ladder stand as a backup. We think there is one viable stand left on the property as the owners nephew hunted out of it last season for a day. I'm going to check that one out this weekend. I own both a 4'x 8' Blynd stand that I typically share with my daughter who hunts. She has sat on her own in the past but we both really enjoy spending the time together. I also have a 4'x 6' from the big fleet store. Neither sit really high which is why I want to do a little cutting for some shooting lanes. Property has some poplars on it but their locations are probably better for bow hunting than seeing a ways and reaching out and touching something moving to or from the swamp with a rifle. First year I'm going to focus on the edge of the swamps and try to catch the deer moving from the neighbors pines to the swamp as well as the flow from the swamp out to the neighbors food plots and some corn that I think is a bit too far away to really help me out. I could be wrong on that though. There isn't any other corn that I saw in the area. I'm definitely fired up for this after having a few years away. I love the challenge of figuring out a property.
  6. Tripleplay

    Shooting Lanes/Trails

    Just posted a question about timing on using as the season opener is fast approaching. I can see that blade chewing up the willows and things like that, does it also cut the grasses or do they just warp up or bend? Bending would probably be fine but would rather cut them.
  7. Tripleplay

    Need some advice!

    Just confirmed I secured a deer lease of 80 acres (about 70 is pretty wet!) but at least have someplace to hunt after having a couple of other leases sold by that owner after many years of great hunting. Haven't hunted for a few years and hadn't been successful yet on a Potlatch lease. The current property owner says they would use their 4-wheelers to drive around and knock some of the grass and lower brush down to create some deer pathways and shooting lanes. He used to do some mowing as well. I don't have a wheeler. If I rented a brush hog type whacker what is the latest any of you would go after some of the brush heading up to opener? Probably going to try to ferry my stands in on the weekend of October 18th (maybe the 11th) to get the deer used to them for as long as possible. Just don't want to mess up the deer movement by making a buch of racket this close to the season but also want to give my son and I a fighting chance.
  8. Tripleplay

    Stands....food plots...

    I've got both a 4'x6' and a 4'x8'. The smaller is fine for 2 hunters although my son loves it as a single enclosed stand. Buddy Heater and he is good to go. The larger has hunted 3 of us before although the kids were younger. Big Buddy is way more than enough unless the wind is roaring. Honest truth is 3 out of the larger is a bit tough depending on where the deer shows up. There are spots in the stand where only 2 could shoot at any one time except out front where all 3 can let them fly.
  9. Tripleplay

    Dessert on the fire?

    Just did iron pies over the weekend at the lake for Fathers Day. Pizza ones for dinner and then dessert ones after. My son decided to try a PB&J version and loved it. Daughter tried and went too heavy on the peanut butter and had to choke it down a bit although she also liked the taste. We always do pie fillings and have tried them all and I tend to fall back on cherry because it is my favorite but those fresh strawberries in the picture really got my attention! That will be tried in the very near future. Also have never used the cinnamon and sugar on the buttered side but I like that idea as well instead of in the center. This is why I love this site for the next great idea!
  10. Tripleplay

    Two Female Dogs?

    We have three females (2 bassets and 1 yellow lab). We have a HUGE dominance issue with the oldest basset and the lab. Basset is only a year older but believes she should be in charge. Started with some wierd vocalizaion from the basset one time and the hackles raised on the lab and they literally went at it in the family room. It hasn't gotten any better and according to our vet the thing with females is that neither is likely to give in on this whereas males will fight it out and then let it rest. We literally have to do a "dance" at all times in the house with them separated by a door to prevent the battles. Really stinks and takes a bit more work but the kids don't want me to give away the lab and understand that the basset is the issue. Seeing a 60# basset hanging out of the labs mouth by the neck ain't a real pretty sight. Especially when the basset is the wife's dog.
  11. We just purchased a Ruger LC9 with the lazer for my wife. She has absolutely no shooting experience but recent events drove the decision. It seems to fit her hand very well and we just got the city/county permit yesterday so it will be coming home this weekend. I can't wait to get her at the range and I've mandated a conceal & carry class as well so that she understands everything about it and what she can and can't do. It will be a very new experience. Interesting development, both my daughters have asked to go to the range as well to shoot it. One is a dedicated deer hunter and the other I don't think has ever shot anything I own. Cost was under $500 not counting anything but the gun.
  12. Tripleplay


    Both my son and daughter started with Rem 7mm-08 youth models their first year deer hunting and both are still shooting the same rifle now at the age of 20. Still a great fit for my smaller framed daughter and she is deadly with it. My son looks kind of "odd" shooting that youth rifle but he loves how fast he is with it up in a tree stand and how natural it feels. He is utterly amazing with that rifle and they both shoot the Federal Fusions out of it and he has a rule that he only shoots a deer one time and I now think he has like 12-13 deer to his credit at least and every one of them has been a one shot kill. Great cartridge for the younger hunters and for the gals but my 20 year old son at 195 lbs shows that you don't have to just fit in either of those camps.
  13. Tripleplay

    Fiscal Cliff Dollar Menu

    Funny about the "porridge" recipe. This fall I was doing some cooking in Alaska and wasn't the one who bought the groceries. I mixed up some instant potatoes and "juiced" them up with some Ranch dressing and the guys all decided this was the only way to have them in the future. In fact we made them again later on during the trip. I've also been sent a couple of texts during some other trips the Alaska guys did this fall that the Ranch dressing was back in the potatoes. Of course, I think we were so hungry by then for something hot that there probably wasn't much that wouldn't have tasted good!
  14. I've been going with a mix recommended by the meat market I use and it has reached the point where we don't buy beef burger anymore. 20% addition of 85% lean ground beef added to my trimmings which I clean up really well. Brown this for chili, hotdish, etc. and you don't even have to drain before adding. My wife who is very picky will eat this mixture so it works for me. I ended up with some caribou burger that I didn't have any control over from a trip to Alaska this fall and my wife has already informed me that she won't be eating it but will cook it for me! I don't think it is the mixture as much as the stronger smell of the caribou that caused this.
  15. Tripleplay

    sons of anarchy

    Awesome year and I've been a diehard since season #1 although I started it a bit late so got the DVD's and caught up to the bit that I had missed. My son is also into it big time and they don't have Fx as a cable offering when he is away at college so I DVR them and he catches up with a marathon. Last year I didn't think he was going to make it since Juice is his favorite character. That worked out OK for him but now Juice is back on the tightrope! There is still a bunch to happen and it is going to be very interesting who else "gets it". I figure Jax has something special in line for Pope in the season ending episode to repay him for Opie! That is going to be some fine payback.