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ice auger


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Please specify what brand auger you are looking at getting one for and you might have a better response. Check Gander Mtn. I would just buy a new one and not even worry about replacing the O-ring.

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What kind of auger do you have? If it's a Strikemaster than you could order one from d-rock. The new ones are a lot better. I put one on mine and haven't had any leaking.

Good luck,

Corey Bechtold


If you are near Big Lake than you could just stop in and see if they have any laying around. Otherwise call them and ask...(763)263-8999

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If you are talking about the rubber o-ring that is used for venting, I have replaced one of these, it was on a Strikemaster auger made 6-7 years ago, (I do not know if they have used the same design) anyway, when you take the cap off there should be a retainer on the other side of the screw. More than likely a e-clip, pop that off (becareful this is small), remove old one, if it is missing, take that screw to your local hardware store and tell the gentleman you are looking for a rubber washer that will fit that particular screw.

If you are missing the rubber ring from the gas cap to gas tank, you can buy those rings as well. Just bring in the whole cap, you can also get a ball park measurement and buy a couple in the immediate size category.

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