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  1. Contemplating coming up this weekend and wondering if there are any areas from shore we can catch a few pike or eyes. Is it any good right now? I'd appreciate any info.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I have been told I should piggy back the main electric sump pump with a backup one. I'm not worried about any overland flooding as we are protected by the Sheyenne diversion where I live. I am more concerned with losing power and having our pits overflow with spring melting/rain. Any here know anything about the water pressured backup sumps? I appreciate the replies guys!
  3. I suppose I need to update my profile. If it changes your statement any I live in West Fargo now and pay a yearly fee to drain my sump pump into the sewer.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated. Red~ I have priced out a new battery backup sump for right around $200.00, its the Wayne brand. A battery will run me at least $100 like you had mentioned so we're looking at $350 with extra pvc, glue and what not that I need. The price of $675 was from a reputable company here in town. Heck they charged me $325.00 to put in a valve so I could pump into the sewer during the winter months. It took them all of 25 minutes to come out and put that in and thats what they charged me. I thought it was outrageous so I figure I'd get a second opinion. I plan on having my brother help me put a backup pump in to save me some money. Any thoughts about the water powered backup sump pump?
  5. I recently picked up a 55" Samsung LCD 1080p 120hz. Love the tv. I had the option to get the LED but could not justify spending a ton more. I seen the LCD and LED on display next to each other and could not see a difference in quality so I bought the LCD and saved money. I would highly recommend getting a Samsung.
  6. I'm looking to install a backup sump pump in our home, either a battery operated or a water powered one. We just moved into our new home the end of last August and have found our sump pump runs quite a bit especially after a heavy rain (which is typical) but often times in the winter too. Our foundation is 8 feet in the ground so I'm sure that's why it still runs. Our builder put 2 sump pits in our utility room and one pit is already utilizing a sump pump. Do we piggy back the main sump pump with a backup one or do we put the backup in the spare pit? There is a tube between the pits and I suppose that acts as an overflow into the 2nd pit. I'm leaning towards piggy backing the main pump, that just makes the most sense because I wouldn't want the main pump to quit and then have it overflow into the other pit and then start pumping once both pits are full. I got a quote from a local place in town and they want $675.00 to install a Myer battery backup system and that includes a battery. That seems a bit steep IMO. I just wonder if the local places are becoming greedy with the flood coming in a month or less. I more so want to be prepared in case we lose power and want some sort of backup in place as we have a finished basement. Any expert opinion would be great. Thanks!
  7. I would suggest for your situation the Frabill Trekker DLX. I think you would have more than enough room with this house and it wouldn't be a back breaker to haul around. The Commando and Recon are the one man houses and might be a bit tight with a dog and yourself. Good luck with your decision.
  8. I will be getting mine today. The weight seems a bit much but I think I can manage. I also have a 1 man flip over I use for early and late season. I look very much forward to getting this out on the ice this year.
  9. What are your thoughts on the new Frabill Predator? I absolutely love it. I went into my local Gander Mtn. and was amazed by them so I ordered one up. Curious to see what others think.
  10. More speed is what I'm looking to achieve. It seems to run well at wot with that prop but speed is an issue but I think thats all Im gonna get out of that motor. Now if there was a simple way to determine how many rpm's I'm pushing at wot... I think I'll just have to live with it as is. Thanks for the info Bruce!
  11. Can someone tell me what is the correct size prop for this motor? I have a '96 Evinrude 15 horse with electric start. Currently the prop on there reads 9.5-12.5 Thanks for any advice.
  12. nluchau

    run dry?

    Yep I forgot to mention that. I do use fuel stabilizer. Good catch.
  13. nluchau

    run dry?

    I have the same motor on a 14 foot boat. I love it. Starts and runs good. I never run it dry. For winter storage I drain the lower unit fluid and replace it, fog the motor and I'm good to go till Open water again.
  14. I've spent thousands at Newegg, they have everything. Very reputable and have 3 day shipping! Good luck in your search.
  15. Thanks for breaking those terms down for me. I have never heard of AnandTech before. I normally go to Tom's Hardware. I think for what I need a monitor for the TN screen will be just fine for me. I can't justify spending over $400 on an lcd monitor. I'm not huge into photography but I love taking pictures and viewing them on a good display. I think I'll probably go with the Samsung one I mentioned earlier. Thanks for all the information, it has been helpful. Nick
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