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  1. Make sure you talk to someone at a local bait shop because there is current in some of the lakes up here and dangerous ice areas to avoid. Have fun!! Justin
  2. Hey Hemlock, Sorry I missed you this weekend. We didn't make it into town. Fishing was so-so. Caught some nice trout but no walleyes on this trip. Pike were going crazy- I have never caught so many while trout fishing in deep water. I will be back in February and hope to see you then. Take Care, Justin
  3. Hey Hemlock, I am heading up to Kenora on Friday for a couple of days. Planning on hitting it pretty hard for Lakers, but hope to get a few Walleyes too. How's the bite been around there lately? Where was your shop located again? What time are you open till? Oh, and what was the name of your shop??? Gosh, My memory is terrible!!! Can't wait to get up there....We are bringing some snowmobiles, but we are hoping the some of the ice roads are opened up. It's alot nicer driving in a nice warm truck than freezing on a sled. Give me a hollar back, would ya? I usually venture into Kenora a couple of times, so I will try to swing by and say hello! Thanks! Justin
  4. They have them at the Red Rock Wilderness Store here in Ely. Justin
  5. I didn't mention it because they are sold in the Outdoor Pro Store through this site and I am sure I would have been issued a citation by the forum police. I can certainly tell you where I saw it if there are no other available options....... Justin
  6. Originally Posted By: harvey leeNo physical location with augers left where you can walk into and purchase. That isn't true. I saw some Nils augers in a store the other day. It was the first Nils auger I have ever seen in a store. Nice looking machine. Justin
  7. Just thought I would add some input. I always fish for stream trout in less than 10 FOW and I usually try fishing in around 6 FOW. I usually try to find small gravel bars adjacent to a drop into deeper water. I also sight fish. I think sight fishing is the only way to do it as it is just as fun to view their behavior as it is to catch them. Alot of times trout will mouth the bait and you would never sense it if you weren't watching it. When they get that hook all the way in, its time to set the hook. Can't wait for opener!!!! Justin
  8. HaHaHa!!! That machine is pre-Eskimo days. That is an Ardis Sweet Cut Model 8000!!!!! Made by the Ardisam Company who makes the Eskimo's. I had that exact machine. I don't think you can kill those machines. Justin
  9. Hey Outfitter, Yeah, shoot us a price for the food included! Sounds like a good deal! Are we talking $90.00 American Currency? Just wondering. I have a snowmobile, so that is no problem. Maybe sometime in February?? Doesn't matter much to me. I have to go back to work in March, though. So that could complicate things. Maybe post this info over in the BWCA-Duluth-Range forum once you get it all figured out as almost everybody in that forum is a die hard trout fanatic who is willing to travel for fish! Myself including! Let us know what you think. Justin
  10. I ended up purchasing both the Lakemaster and the Navionics chips. I like the Navionics chip better because it has way more detailed lake maps in it. It also has alot of the smaller lakes that I like to fish in it. I think the Navionics has a better lake map package as far as number of lakes included. The only thing I don't like about the Navionics is the load time but that is a minor thing. What I did like about the Lakemaster chip was the detailed MN roadmaps, and the clarity of the maps. If I could do it all over again, I would have just bought the Navionics chip. Justin
  11. I am game. Especially for Lake Trout!!! Hey Outfitter17, can you come up with a price on how much to stay at the resort for the weekend? Say arrive Friday night and stay till Sunday mid-afternoon? I might be able to find some Ely FMers who might want to come along! Sounds like a great time! Keep us posted on what you want to do and thanks, Hemlock! Justin
  12. Hey Hemlock, Do both species! Lake Trout fishing until till 3 pm. Then Walleyes (Pickerel )from 3-6 pm! That would be a blast! I would be interested! Justin
  13. Fun Ride!!!! I have done it many times...most of the time solo! You can do that ride in less than 4 hours-EASY. Make a loop out of it. Best loop would be to start out in Rapids heading south toward Goodland-Warba. Then get on the Greenway trail up to Keewatin. Head across the Range through Hibbing, then Chisholm, then Buhl, then over to Mountain Iron and take the Laurentian Trail over towards Babbitt and finally taking the Iron Ore Trail North to Fortune Bay. That is my favorite route. Lots of scenery and you get to ride some old mine pits and dumps where you can have some nice scenic overlooks. Nicest trails around. That route may take a little longer, but is well worth it. Next, heading back, you also have options. You can take the Arrowhead trail from Lake Vermilion right into Cook. Then take the Bearskin Trail to the Tim Corey trail and end up on the Taconite Trail near Side Lake. Make sure you gas up in Side Lake, because this will be your last chance for awhile. You then take the Taconite Trail back to Grand Rapids. That would be my next favorite choice, but you can also stay right on the Taconite Trail from Tower straight to Grand Rapids. Taconite Trail is a little busier, rougher, and not as scenic. As far as the inexperienced rider goes, it may be a long ride, but there are alot of places to stop and rest and eat along the way. If you stretch the ride out over the course of an entire day, it won't be hard on anyone. They will have a good time-guaranteed! Let me know how you liked it! Justin
  14. Is your shop right in Kenora?? I will stop by there sometime! I figured you knew Gussy...he is a real good guy! Thanks for the update!!! Can't wait to get up there! Justin
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