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High speed transducer for Vexilar


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I bought a boat with a FL18 in it. It came with a high speed transducer. Has anybody tried to use one of those ice fishing? I dont think I will be using the high speed transducer on the boat because the FL18 will be fastened to the trolling motor that has a built in transducer. Or maybe I should just break down and buy the 9 degree ice-ducer for it.

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For most ice anglers your money and time ahead by picking up the ice-ducer system in a 9, 12, or the duel beam configuration.. You can always use a spare and the ice-ducer can also be used on boats.

If you opt to use the Hi-Speed this is what you will be in for to get it ready for the ice. You will need to build a gimbaled bracket with a rod to fit your case. Next you will need a mounting bracket on the rod to mount the Hi-Speed ducer. Now you will need to epoxy a RV bubble level to the top of the ducer or on the rod top somehow. Once your done all this you will need to endlessly readjust it after every fish or move to get the beam set right again. If this all sounds like a pain, your right, it is.

A rigid adjustable angle arm can be useful in some applications, like on rivers. Some river anglers like this option so they can shoot at an angle to offset the effects of current drift on a lure. You can also make fine adjustments to the beam cone so tiny jigs can be picked up easier, we used to call it dialing in the “Sweet Spot”. But for most on ice work it is a hi maintenance deal using a gimbaled rigid arm system that most would like to avoid.

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