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Deer Poachers


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Came across this on the DNR web site and thought it would be of interest. I hunt in Kandiyohi county.


November 3, 2004

For additional information, contact: Capt. Randy Evans, DNR Southern Region Law Enforcement Supervisor, New Ulm; 507-359-6040.

Poachers Steal from Hunters

As hunters head into the woods and fields during the 2004 Minnesota firearm deer season that opened Nov. 6, there will be at least three fewer braggin' sized bucks in the New London area with which they'll have a chance to cross paths. A Turn in Poachers (TIP) call to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) led to the recent discovery of the heads of three deer, two with ten-point racks and one with a nine-point set of antlers. In addition, another five racks that are believed to have come from illegally taken deer were also confiscated during the search.

One individual has been charged and others are under investigation, the DNR reports. (Since the case is on-going, names and details of the case cannot yet be released.)

Although it is impossible to determine just how many deer are poached each year in Minnesota, the DNR says the number could be significant in some areas.

"In this case, at least three very nice bucks, and probably more, have been removed from a local area near New London. Those are very nice deer that legal hunters simply won't have a chance at," said Capt. Randy Evans, DNR Southern Region Law Enforcement Supervisor at New Ulm, Evans said the case illustrates the changing nature of how poaching is viewed today. "Years ago, poaching deer was not always considered such a big deal by some folks," Evans said. "And the fines and penalties of the time reflected that. However, things have changed dramatically over the years." Today, Evans said, "if you get caught poaching deer you stand to lose your gun, your vehicle, and your hunting privileges, In addition, the fines can be very severe." Another noticeable change in how poaching is viewed today is evident in the number of TIP calls the DNR receives, a number that has continued to rise over the years, Evans said. "We really depend on the law-abiding people out there who have information about illegal activities," Evans said. "They're the extra eyes and ears we need. They're the ones who are being cheated by poachers and they're not happy about it." Deer hunters in the New London area this year, for sure, have good reason to be upset. (The DNR TIP # is 1-800-652-9093.) -30-

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I am with vikings fan on this one. I would have an "oopsident" with them....there is nothing that boils my blood more than poaching. I like to shine deer just to look, and I hate people that shine and shoot. Not only is it unfair, but it also gives recreational shiners a poor name!! If I ever saw someone poaching, I would definately call them in....at the least!!

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