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  1. Maybe a special season....but not for the regular season.........
  2. I don't think people HAVE to, but I for one would treasure getting a big one, you can't eat the horns (antlers) true, but at the same time, knowing that I harvested a monarch deer is way better than having good meat!
  3. WB - I totally agree. I am a bow hunter I have had a few chances to shoot deer, including a decent (but young looking) 8 pointer. I just LOVE being in the woods all the time, and having to hunt a second weekend isn't UNLUCKY!!
  4. Nicely said my friend....I also checked the regs for wi, Ill, and Ia, NONE OF THEM HAVE A BUCK LOTTERY!!!!! Why would we need to have a buck lottery if all of these states that are "passing us on B&C bucks list" don't have that?? I mean come on, i don't want the chance at the big one ruined for hunters across the state, and I don't think outrageous things like this would ever become law anyway........
  5. A buck lottery system is NOT a slot limit! A POINT SYSTEM that is like a slot limit. So I win the lottery, I can still go out and shoot a spiker...it doesn't stop the winner from shoot a spiker or a forkhorn, thus, accomplishing nothing.
  6. Dockter

    Buck to Doe ratio

    Wow, umm, that was very confusing...ummm.taking any recreational drugs??
  7. I am for point restrictions, because it makes you have to KNOW your target well, and it will also let the small ones go. I read in Outdoor life that Maine (I THINK) is doing this will good results...it does let some of the better genes get taken out of the pool (1 1/2 - 2 1/2 year old 8 pointers getting taken, while 3 1/2 year old spikers can't) but it sure beats the pants off a buck lottery. Like I said in the other post,if Minnesota digressed to a buck lottery I will not be purchasing anymore gun tags, and if they spead it to bow also (which is doubt) I would stop hunting the state all together. Do states Iowa, Illonis, Wisconsin, or Kansas have buck lotteries?? If they don't why the HECK should we?? (if they do let me know, i don't THINK they do, from their DNR web sites) Obiviously they don't need to have a buck lottery, so why would that rectify our situation? They are just doing a better job of QDM, there is LESS public land (which is a bad them for them also), and their hunters just shoot less of the big deer. I think one of the main things Minnesota needs to do is get some kind of public awareness that shooting forkers, spikers, and little six pointers is the reason that they aren't seeing the big deer. I think there are quite a few hunters out there who don't make the connection. We don't need a program, we need to chance the way of thinking. A program is not going to stop small deer from getting shot, those people that win the buck lottery will probabally just turn around and shoot more spikers and fork horns. It dosen't really matter.
  8. I have seen a few droppers in southeast minnesota. I passed on a small six a few years ago that had a drop. It's not exactally common I don't think, but they are surely out there, just have to look long enough.
  9. I think things like hunter QDM and antler restrictions are more viable options to this problem. Hunter education is also a big key...because a lot of the people that crab about no big deer are the same ones who shoot bambi...I for one have passed up herds of spikes, forks, sixs, and even some small eights. I mean it should be more of a hunter option that is enforced by other hunters.......I mean this as hunters pressuring their buddies to pass on the smaller deer and also passing on smaller deer themselves.
  10. Dockter

    Deer Baiting

    HORRAY!! Let's hear it for NOT baiting!! I agree with all of you that baiting is useless and has not place in hunting.......finially!!!
  11. I like early morning and evening, because that is when they are moving, but they can be used anytime i suppose. they also work well blind calling, because you dont' ahve to move too much!
  12. Either a big can or origional can, use the Primos Can, just seems to have a mroe full rich sound, I also have a Quarker Boy and it isn't teh same
  13. No, but I have heard it on videos and such...teh rarity of the call is what the greatness of it is. A buck hears it he knows that it might be a rare chance for him you know....it's not like a grunt he hears quite often.
  14. If I got a chance to see if I got a buck or not, I would hunt when I got one. Also, if archery was excluded I would more than likely just do that. I could see having a buck lottery for SOME parts of the state. But really, what is deer hunting if you know you don't have a shot at the big one, I think that without that chance deer hunting loses some of it's luster/magic. Wether you want to admit it or not, the truth is every deer hunter envisions himself dragging out that monster deer. I do agree with banning party hunting and having a point limit, but a buck lottery is going way too far in my unexpert opinion.
  15. Welcome back buddy........missed you, and I really miss your name! Good luck duck hunting tomorow...I suppose they could, but the reason they stomp is to make YOU do somthing, either move away or attack, read that in outdoor life.......
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