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  1. I worked on a shrimp boat in the Gulf back in the day. I don't regret it at all. Not the same as the fisherman on the tv shows but it had it's times. Ah to be 18 again.
  2. This time of year I go big, go deep or go home.
  3. Onboard chargers are the way to go. I have what is technically referred to as a 3 bank portable "In-Garage" charging system that consists 3 separate Harbor Freight portable chargers. (one for each trolling motor battery) And they do get pretty warm sometimes. Particularly when I charge 10 amps into that battery I bought from you last year.
  4. This is a big wake up call for me. I hook up 3 chargers at the end of every trip.
  5. Thanks guys, I have access to the additive.
  6. How long can today's diesel be stored? I have access to several hundred gallons for my truck. Can I store it for a year without it going to pot?
  7. Although to me crawfish in any form is bait I do know a few cajuns who insist on eating them. So for legal purposes I would think cooked crawfish are defined as food and not game or bait.
  8. I do both. Most of the time when I'm riggin or jiggin I have both in the water. Unless you get an I-Pilot there's just no way a bowmount can hold you on specific structure like a transom mount back trolled. On the other hand for covering water the bowmount shines.
  9. In my opinion you're on the right track. I have 4 Loomis's with Stradics on them and I couldn't be much more satisfied. I haven't looked at a new spinning reel for a couple of years now but from what I understand the ci4 is just a Stradic in a graphite frame and they cost $40 to $50 more. I'd suggest a regular Stradic and pick up some super line and a few rigs or lures with the savings.
  10. I am adamantly opposed to a state wide slot for lakes that don't need it. However the total inch concept is an interesting idea.
  11. I believe that the Critical Concepts series was written when the Lindners were involved. There are a lot more presentations than rigging & jigging.
  12. I don't much care for the show as I don't fish for Tarpon, Carp, or Bass and I would like to see more presentations other than swim baits. What I like about the book series is that it's dedicated to Walleyes.
  13. I read all 5 volumes every winter.
  14. Is anyone aware of a formula that can be used to determine what springs are best for a particular boat? I have a fairly light 16 foot Crestliner and I'm not convinced that the trailer that came with it was customized for the boat. It seems like there's a lot of banging back there on rough roads like the springs are too heavy duty for the weight of the boat.
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