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  1. I worked on a shrimp boat in the Gulf back in the day. I don't regret it at all. Not the same as the fisherman on the tv shows but it had it's times. Ah to be 18 again.
  2. This time of year I go big, go deep or go home.
  3. Onboard chargers are the way to go. I have what is technically referred to as a 3 bank portable "In-Garage" charging system that consists 3 separate Harbor Freight portable chargers. (one for each trolling motor battery) And they do get pretty warm sometimes. Particularly when I charge 10 amps into that battery I bought from you last year.
  4. This is a big wake up call for me. I hook up 3 chargers at the end of every trip.
  5. Thanks guys, I have access to the additive.
  6. How long can today's diesel be stored? I have access to several hundred gallons for my truck. Can I store it for a year without it going to pot?
  7. Although to me crawfish in any form is bait I do know a few cajuns who insist on eating them. So for legal purposes I would think cooked crawfish are defined as food and not game or bait.
  8. I do both. Most of the time when I'm riggin or jiggin I have both in the water. Unless you get an I-Pilot there's just no way a bowmount can hold you on specific structure like a transom mount back trolled. On the other hand for covering water the bowmount shines.
  9. In my opinion you're on the right track. I have 4 Loomis's with Stradics on them and I couldn't be much more satisfied. I haven't looked at a new spinning reel for a couple of years now but from what I understand the ci4 is just a Stradic in a graphite frame and they cost $40 to $50 more. I'd suggest a regular Stradic and pick up some super line and a few rigs or lures with the savings.
  10. I am adamantly opposed to a state wide slot for lakes that don't need it. However the total inch concept is an interesting idea.
  11. I believe that the Critical Concepts series was written when the Lindners were involved. There are a lot more presentations than rigging & jigging.
  12. I don't much care for the show as I don't fish for Tarpon, Carp, or Bass and I would like to see more presentations other than swim baits. What I like about the book series is that it's dedicated to Walleyes.
  13. I read all 5 volumes every winter.
  14. Is anyone aware of a formula that can be used to determine what springs are best for a particular boat? I have a fairly light 16 foot Crestliner and I'm not convinced that the trailer that came with it was customized for the boat. It seems like there's a lot of banging back there on rough roads like the springs are too heavy duty for the weight of the boat.
  15. I think that it's illegal to put a swim ladder on a Pro V. At least it should be.
  16. I use 4 gauge and have never had problems. For years I used old jumper cable.
  17. gunflint

    to the top

    One can only imagine what the up coming open water season holds until "ice" is back on top. I'm ready.
  18. Reliability and service. When you start looking at finders that are over a few hundred bucks the gizmos are similar. I want one that I know will last for several years and that the manufacturer will stand behind. Just yesterday I was with a fishing buddy. We went down to the local shop with the express purpose of buying him a Lowrance HDS7, we left with an 858c Humminbird. This guy has been a Lowrance user for many years. However they have been having reliability and service issues as of late and when your dropping around $1000 for a new toy you want something you can depend on.
  19. gunflint

    XM weather

    This is something I've been thinking a lot about. Anyone who has been on the phone with their wife trying to determine just how far away the storm is, which way it's moving, how fast it's moving and whether or not you have completely lost your mind for staying out on the water can appreciate a program like this.
  20. I have White Caps and I am very happy with them. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again and I highly recommend them.
  21. jw, SA next to Fishermans has non-oxy at every pump island. I have a 95 2-stroke and I wouldn't consider anything but non-oxy.
  22. Fishing Fanatic, I have worked in the industry in a few different areas. I am one who guided and went fishing on my days off and even in the evening after an all dayer. I have also worked in the retail end of things. If you would like a little more insight and a suggestion or two, send me an email gunflintguide at gmail dot com.
  23. This is my first post in this thread. It's a very interesting thread and I hope to spend some more time in here when "more time" becomes available. I went back several pages and couldn't find an answer to my question so I'll ask it here. What's the best paint and application process for painting lead? Enamel, Lacquer, etc. Should you prime it? Do you need a clear coat? Thanks.
  24. That was the last Vikings game I watched until last Sunday. We'll see how it goes tonight. I'm still having a hard time trusting them.
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