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    • It works just like the use of egg to clarify consomme.   The egg coagulates and sinks, taking any small particles with it leaving nice clear coffee.     It was from the days before filters or even percolators.    
    • The Blaine event is small and to the point.  All of the main players are there.  The parking lot seemed full, but the turnover of folks leaving made it a non-issue for us.     The St Paul show this weekend coincidenced with the Disney on Ice shows at the X and something going on at the Children's Museum.  Booth ramps on the river side of Kellogg were full before the VIP, 11am doors opened.  We ended up parking 6 blocks away in a hotel ramp.  We were yelled at by a cute, mid-40s aged gal with f-in heimers about our inability to "read something," probably the crosswalk lights.  There were no cars around, so we proceeded to cross.  She was doing at 45 coming at us......   The VIP ticket line was short.  It took longer to walk around to the back ticket booth then to purchase.  However, the line to gain entrance was a block long, wrapped all the way to the front skyway,  1,000 or so deep.  It went pretty fast though.  Odd was the security and metal detectors to enter.  One security guy told us to take our out guns and knifes in addition to keys, phones, vap sticks, and lighters.  I have not been to the show in 3 or so years.  Wow how things have changed.     The show was good.  Ran into a lot of personalities and what not.  We were out for lunch at 1pm and back around 2, when the isles started filling up.    
    • 😆😆 naw...........i was making egg coffee longgggggggggg before i knew Del and his meat boiling operation!!!!!🤫
    • It just has settled over the years. Otherwise the roof is dry. We also did some remodeling and lost some insulation I suppose doing that. But the last time the cellulose insulation was blown in was 1994. Going up there it has definitely settled over the years   Once we close it up in 1994 I never had a reason to go up there again
    • your exactly right, thats kinda what it looks like. but dont knock it till ya try it.
    • I have rented a machine from the save big money store. I ran the hose in the attic while the wife fed the hopper. Was very easy job to do ourselves. But we did it for new construction in a garage attic. Only downside was the machine was super heavy so I would account for that.    I dont think the order of that vs your roof matters unless your roof leaks? Are you losing insulation or is it just settling? Do you have soffit baffles installed?
    • I think the part smurfy left out is the french press.   https://www.thespruceeats.com/egg-coffee-2952648   The only place I have had egg coffee is at some lutheran church's diner at the state fair.  It's a pretty decent cup of coffee.
    • Coffee grounds boiled egg?  You been reading to many of Del's Sous Vide posts! 🤢🤮 😆
    • Maybe I'm missing something, but doesn't the egg cook in the boiling water?  I'm picturing coffee with bunch of floating bits of scrambled eggs floating at the top.
    • I think it's diluted.  It's a different sort of awful than burnt awful.
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