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2005 F350 Diesel

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2006 f350 6.0 truck has 138471mi. Replaced turbo, tranny, rear end,brake booster,computer,egr valve, plugged intake all with in the last 25000 thankfully i bought extra warranty now over. Lsat week $2600.00 in injectors . I like the truck but will not put 1 more $ into it I am done . Looking at buying a chevy. Diesel trucks shouldnt have all these repairs until at least 200000 mi. that is what I bought it for. Lately it is at the dealer more than on the road.

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I see A LOT of these trucks, they are great for the technicians.

The main problem is that people don't drive these trucks like they were intended for, driven hard and worked hard.

Yes the turbo is good for "coking" then the VGT vanes gets stuck, most of the time its cheaper to replace the turbo than it is to remove, inspect, replace parts, and reinstall the turbo. As after so long of the unison ring trying to move the stuck vanes of the VGT vanes, it will wear out the unison ring and or the vanes of the turbo. Also if the turbo sticks and over boosts its has a possibility to blow out the head gaskets. Easiest way to tell if the head gaskets are possibly bad is to look at the de-gas bottle (on a side note the full coolant level in a 6.0L is below the low mark on the bottle) look at the area around the cap. If you see a lot of chalky lines the cooling system is getting over pressurized by the boost and is being relieved by cap. This can then be verified by cleaning off the area around the cap, and go and drive the truck HARD, lots of wot accelerations. if there is any coolant around the cap this is the sighs of an issue

fuel injectors are also a common failure point. Proper fuel and quality fuel along with changing the fuel filters can help prevent them failing. One can bump up the low pressure fuel system by stretching the spring of the fuel pressure regulator in the secondary fuel filter housing. A new gasket may be needed when re-assembling

EGR valves tend tend to coke up due to a poorly designed egr system. Usually just remove and replace is the best way to go, but I have heard some people cleaning them, I don't know what the success rate of this is...

Injector Driver Module failures, well the capacitors inside the modules fail causing a hard start, no start more noticeable in cold weather. If your batteries are weak the IDM cannot charge these capacitors that operate the injectors so if you notice that the truck is cranking slow get the batteries and charging system checked soon.

Also check to see if maintenance items have been taken care of: coolant, oil, transmission (which should be flushed every 30K along with the remote filter replaced) fuel filters, transfer case and differentials.

I Would maybe suggest bringing this vehicle somewhere where they deal with diesels to fully look over the vehicle, there are a lot of costly repairs that you may or may not be inheriting.

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I recently traded in my '05 F350 6.0L diesel. This was a great truck with a decent motor, however, the motor is plagued by problems.

You could spend days reading about the problems with this motor. EGR valves are most common, followed by the FICM followed by oil cooler plugged and finally the injectors. The turbo, although a seemingly large item, is only a problem if people don't drive the truck like its meant to be used.

More trucks are dumped due to the large accumulation of cost when replacing the oil cooler and injectors and typically the head gaskets.

I had nearly every one of these issues with my truck and they all failed in a slow methodical way. I did everything I could to verify my truck didn't have the problems when I bought it. I did all the things I was told to do to prevent the issues and the truck still had the problems anyway. I didn't have any performance products, I didn't use any aftermarket parts and I drove it like a diesel truck should be.

Once you fix these issues with aftermarket parts, the problems generally go away and it can be a great motor, but I see no reason why anyone should have to invest $3-4000 dollars to make a motor worth keeping.

If you're buying from a dealership, the truck should have had many of these issues addressed, however they most likely used factory parts, the kind that still have issues. Any service history will tell you what problems its had and what was done to refurb it for sale. If you're buying private owner, I would have someone who knows 6.0L trucks check it out.

I loved that truck, but I would never recommend anyone buy a 6.0L.

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Had a 05 power smoke ...... Bought it used with low miles in 06. Nothing but problems and I'm generally pretty easy on vehicles. Bought an 08 cummins. Night and day difference. No problems at all. Now wheeling a 12 cummins. Totally love this thing. You know the old saying....I'd rather be cummin and smoking than strokin and broken.

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Thanks for the info guys, looks like I need to get some info from the dealer to see if there are any maintenance records for it. IF they do not have any I am not wanting the headache of having to spend a lot of money it sounds like to replace a bunch of parts.

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06 350..

aside from normal front end parts and wearables,

I have done an EGR delete, after the EGR cooler burst, and 1 injector, and looking to do the rest ASAP as it is now missing more and more...

No real sign of turbo issues at 148,000...

Readings i have done show dirty maxs and others also having injector issues in this time frame... I like the truck, but it hasn't been cheap

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