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    Wild 18/19

    Looks like Vegas and the San Jose are adding some serious fire power with the trades they have made.
  2. hoppe56307

    Wild 18/19

    We are less than a week away from the preseason games starting, and players report to camp on Thursday.
  3. If the refs call the game tight like they did in game 3, i think we come away with the W. If they kind of turn a blind eye like they did in Game 4, the series is over.
  4. Laine has one wicked wrister, I think if Parise does not screen Dubs, or blocks the shot on the second goal, Dubs makes that save and changes the course of the game.
  5. That did not take long, Bob Motzko your new gophers Head Coach.
  6. Excited what Greenway can bring to this team. Hopefully he gets put on the same line as Cullen and Coyle.
  7. Happy with 3 out of 4 as well. They had some chances but man Rask is large presence in the net, almost have to get him in the crappie flop to get one by him, like Koivu did.
  8. Hopefully they come out and make a statement on Saturday against the Preds.
  9. The early front runners for the job include SCSU coach bob motzko. I really hope he does not go to the gophers, he could do well, but I like the fact he has built a pretty darn good program at SCSU.
  10. http://www.kare11.com/article/sports/lucia-out-as-gophers-hockey-coach/89-530288877 I think it was time, not really clued in as to the new head coach will be?
  11. Yeah, our last 4 games of the season are a brutal west coast road trip. With a back to back against the ducks and kings.
  12. Can someone tell me why we are paying Ennis 1.1mil more than Staal? I sure hope they buy the last year of Ennis' contract out, it is also a good thing that Staal is signed through next year. I would wager if he would hit free agency this summer he would get a pretty hefty raise, maybe we can switch his and Ennis' contract. Staal is worth every penny of the 3.5mil he is getting.
  13. Looks like we will be having another expansion draft in the coming years. They took 25,000 season ticket deposits in 1 hour. It look Las Vegas almost a 18 months to get to 16,000
  14. Stewart claimed off waivers, and Mike Reilly for a 5th rounder. Not too depressed that we did not make a trade, we are playing decent hockey now, and everybody looks to be getting healthy.
  15. Some big names being traded today, Evander Kane to the Sharks, Blues trade Stasney to in division rival Jets, and Chimera goes to the Ducks.
  16. Ok, I must admit that I thought we should have stuck with Yeo before they fired him, but it looks like he still has not learned how to coach a team out of a slump. St. Louis has lost 6 in a row, fallen out of a playoff spot, and come to town tomorrow.
  17. Greenway pounded one home, but the US falls in OT to Slovenia.
  18. We will also get to see what Greenway can do on the world stage tomorrow morning at the olympics. Hopefully he has a good showing to build some confidence and come to the Wild and an impact before the end of the season.
  19. The Hawks get run out of the building by the Coyotes, 6-1, last night in Arizona. Is Crawford really that good of a goalie to keep them in it all these years.
  20. I saw quote by one of the players after the dallas game, I can't recall who said it though, and he summed it up perfectly. They scored the first goal and we just gave up.
  21. It seems like the last couple years our moves to help the team actually hurt the team. I am all for just letting this one ride out with the roster we have.
  22. I think we will get a good test on Friday when Vegas comes to town. Luckily we will be getting them on the back end of a back to back, they play the Jets tomorrow.
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