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  1. Fishhousesupply.com in Buffalo MN
  2. Natco Transmission in East Bethel would be a good choice.
  3. Could be your fuel cap not venting.
  4. I use the speer 9th and 13th. I also have a hornady from 1967
  5. The only difference is the diesel will pull better from taking off. Stopping wise it is the one who doesn't have his electric brakes set up properly. I own a king castle and pull it with a 1/2 ton weekly on the weekends all over the state no issues.I see the difference on the road who drives truck professionally and who is a weekender.
  6. Anoka Union paper says it is moving into the sports authority building in Coon Rapids.
  7. www.ama zon.com/JOHN-DEERE-TRACTOR-CRANKSHAFT-S-AT18030/dp/B00CZGD932
  8. cam7069

    Fish House Build

    How much does it weigh?
  9. cam7069

    Ice Castle

    I have a 2004 GMC 1/2ton and a 2008 8x20 Ice Castle tows it just fine.
  10. check out aim tech asm-220 would not buy anyother mount.
  11. heat and tap on it with a 2.2lb hammer to jar rust loose worked for mine keep working it back and forth it will go dont give up ti takes time
  12. 6cups flour , 1/2tsp salt , 4 round tsp surgar , 1 round tsp baking powder , 4 cups whole milk , 1/2 cup shortning boil milk,shortning. in a bowl mix flour,surgar,baking powder,salt add milk,shortning stir together until crumbly put mixture in a towel and knead. keep mixture warm start rolling out as thin as you can. cook on lefsa griddle at 400 . this is a recipe that came from Norway on my mothers side.
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