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Rant about Ford Dealership

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So I have a 2005 F150 with just barely over 100k on it. Just recently I started getting a really nasty grinding noise coming from the front end...then it goes away.

I looked over the front end and couldn't see anything that would be causing this noise. After some quick research on the web, I've come up with the 4WD IWE solenoid. It's a common issue on the 04-08's

There is a Ford dealership close to where I work, I called them this morning and they wanted $93 dollars for this solenoid!! After telling the guy he better check his prices again and him telling me that's the best he could do, I hung up and called another dealership. This exact same part, model, vendor etc everything exact same...$29

How in the pink ballerinas can one dealership charge over $60 more for the exact same part and they are within 15 miles of each other?!

If anyone else is looking for this part here is the part # and make sure to call around!

6L3Z-9E441-A (CX-2117)

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The actual IWE on each front wheels, are more common to go bad, resulting in the solenoid to get water in it, and going bad. I would check them before installing the solenoid. The seals in them go bad, and will suck water into them, and the water gets into the solenoid.

A couple easy ways to test it, pull the vacuum hose off of each wheel, is there water in it?

Pull the vacuum hose off the solenoid, is there water in it?

Put vacuum to each IWE at the wheel, and spin the wheel, does it hold vacuum? If they fail any of these tests, the IWE at the wheels are also bad.

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It is sad but true, some dealerships including the one I work for use a matrix pricing system. They not only screw their customers but employees also. I can by parts from another dealer for the same price or less then I can from the one I work for. I think its dishonest but we are told everyone is doing it. I told them it doesn't make it right. They told me my tool box has wheels and I can leave anytime.

Call around and check pricing online. Prices online are sometimes cheaper then over the phone or at the counter.

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Depending on the time your 2005 F150 was built, the IWE solenoid can also short out dur to water coming off the cowl from the hood and spilling right down on top of that as well. I have a 2005 F150 that didn't have the "shield" that Ford came up with, so I made one out of some tin and siliconed it to the firewall of the truck.....Easy fix, after I had to replace my solenoid.

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X2 on the common problem

I would agree with wandering it is probably the actuators on the knuckle. I have seen where the IWE actuator will damage the wheel bearing if left alone and not taken care of. That bearing is about 500 bucks.

It would be a good idea to replace the solenoid with the updated "rain hat" design so that it will prevent a future issue. Honestly I haven't had an issue with the solenoid shorting out though.... so yea... replace the IWEs and go to go.

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