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Nevada hunting


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Lived there for 5 years. Mule Deer and Elk hunting is considered to be one of the best of all the western states, IF YOU CAN GET A TAG.

Elk is 1 tag in ten years even as a resident. I put in for 3 years as a resident and never drew. I hunted Mule deer in the NW (Ruby Mtn Range)part of the state my 2nd year and took a smallish 3 point western count. BUT there were monsters around, being a rookie I didn't venture as far back as I needed to. It's huge country!!! You would have to see it to believe it.

I started hunting Utah the following year with bow as it was over the counter.

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Being a whitetail guy my whole life I was like you in thinking no trees (where to start). Muleys are a different animal all together. There are alot better and more experienced than me on here that can give direction on muleys. But they like open country, and can live and thrive about anywhere. An example- some of the biggest muleys living around the state are a very short drive from Vegas, but a very limited number of tags for that area.

If your serious Id start searching some of the western hunting sites. It's been 3 years sense I was out there so I dont remember them off the top of my head. BUT I do know Utah is WAY up there in trophy status. I hunted around Beaver, I had a co worker who knew the area so I had a head start. Pressure, Dont worry if you want to get away its not a problem in either state if your willing to work at it and hike. I hunted at over 11 thousand feet one day and never seen a sole for literally 5 miles, almost closed the deal on a real nice 4x4 too but was spotted at 75 yards with no chance with bow for me.

If giving a choice its Utah hands down just because of buying tags over the counter on deer. You could also buy a spike elk tag over the counter as well at that time. But from Reno you have alot of options to the NE. ALot and I MEAN ALOT of country out there to explore. Just make sure you have lots of gas with you before hand. I dont regret experiencing it one bit. I have a great appreciation of how massive and vast our country is after hunting the Ruby's.

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NV has some very nice muleys and huge elk. Like was said above, you're looking at well over a decade of getting points to have a legit chance to draw a tag. Some tags are better than others, but there is no bad tag for elk in NV.

UT is VERY different- 90% of the trophy elk (and muleys) are taken in 10% of the units. It's very tough to draw a tag in these units and UT changed it's regs a few years ago so that people could purchase points for more than one species in a year. Once that happened, the point chase started and point creep instantly became an issue. To draw a premium tag for a big bull in UT you're also looking at a pretty long wait. I'd love to hunt UT, but at 40 years old, I'm not going to collect points until I'm in my mid 50's (or later) to draw a top end unit. Not interested...

There are easier to draw options in UT, but like I said above- these are definitely not the units you are seeing the jaw dropping trophies coming from. Of course there will be some exceptions, but they are extremely few and far between. Also, if you've got a private land connection to a place that doesn't get hunted much (regardless of unit), forget what I said above and get a tag ASAP.

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