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125hp Evinrude

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I know this question is a little out of season, but I am looking at buying an old ski boat with a 1974 125hp Evinrude outboard. I was just curious if anyone knew about the reliability/durability of this engine? Also I am sure it is a gas guzzler, but I am wondering if it would be so bad it would make me wish I had gone with a 70-90hp motor, or if the difference isnt that big. Any Information would be appreciated. THanks


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    • I highly doubt it needs carb kits if only sat that long. Draining the carb bowls and spraying carb cleaner in there can clean things up a lot and loosen sticky floats. Should be a main jet on each carb you can pull to drain carb bowls and spray into and clean jet. Put in fresh gas with seafoam in it and new plugs and it will probably run. Impeller is a pretty easy job to. Should be able to find a video on u tube on how to do it. I would drain my carb bowls on my old 115 2 stroke every spring and you would be surprised at the slimy stuff that came out of them sometimes and that was just sitting over winter.
    •   Have you tried to get it out in the water and running it at higher speeds for a while to see if it will clear it's self?
    • Trying to get some idea as to how much I will need to spend to get my 1997 Yamaha 30 hp running again.  The motor sat for nearly 11/2 yrs after I had bought it. before I got around to starting it in Oct.  I followed the owner's manual recommendation to use pre-mix 50:1 gas oil, even though it has oil injection.  Anyway, motor would start(Elec. start), not real quickly, but after starting, would begin to cough and then choke out after a few seconds.This happened repeatedly despite different choke settings, etc.until I finally thought it better to quit fooling with it.  Called a repair place in my hometown outside the metro and he wanted to wait till Spring to look at it.  Said it probably needs new carb kits or carbs and plugs.  Also want him to put in new impeller and lower unit seals. Just wondering what an ave. fair price would be to have that done, provided there isn't anything else wrong?  I live in SW Metro area, but really don't know where to take it around here that I trust anymore. any ideas, help would be greatly appreciated.  Repairman didn't want to give est. without looking at it.  Can't blame him, but don't want to get totally ripped off either.
    •   Actually, I have a case of 17 Beers left that I bought to the GTG last weekend still. Someone drank one! Since I'm not a big Beer guy I have been going over all the things I can make with beer. Beer Cheese soup, beard, fish batter, boil some wild rice venny brats in beer? Or just give it to one of my buddies?
    • Actually no one from either side, none, notta, zip.  
    • Large segments of the right and left are probably wishing they teamed up for Johnson right about now, they might not admit it but if they could go back and change their vote I wonder how many would. One thing is perfectly clear and that is neither Trump or Hillary was the answer. However they more than likely speed up the process of dumping the two party system so it's all good.
    •   If there is no easy money to be made the bad guys will do something else, you won't eliminate them completely unless you legalize everything but maybe they move on to something else. Take away that money and you solve a lot of problems at once for a lot of people. Not much incentive for people to sell hooch these days and it is as simple as that.

      I don't think you realize how bad the war on drugs is, we are talking world wide impact here. Heck in Mexico alone how many people are the cartels killing, it is a blood bath down there. Remove the millions that they make and that motivation is gone. How many police had been killed in drug related incidents in the past 50 years? The overdose deaths and accidents are going to happen no matter what you do, there is no stopping those but maybe you can prevent them with better treatment programs. You also have a massive prison population with large numbers of them incarcerated for drug crimes, now I'm now about letting violent offenders free but the rest of them are worth a look on a case by case bassi. Then you look at all of the above and all how all of their families have been affected by it. If you want to start helping people you need to start by ending the war.
    • Wow! That's pretty low. You should be ashamed!
    •   Stop it!! That's just silly talk.  (Sarcasm)   Mike
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