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lead core

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I am a beginner with lead core line and I was wondering how anybody who uses this alot ties leaders, what you tie leaders to, leader length, some common advice or precautions. Any help is apprectiated. I have used it before a little but will really pick up the use this summer because of some situations that have occurred.

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I have seen alot of differnt setups of leadcore.
Some with mono backing some with super long leaders some with really thick 45pd test and some really thin.

What I do is set two rods with 18# lead core and two rods with 27# lead. The way I have it is my short rods are thick/heavy and my long rods light.
Some days I get all the fish on the heavy/thick line some all on the light, but mainly they hit both.
My leaders are tied like this, from the lead core I go to a swivel. ( make sure you get the lead out of the line before you tie the knot) *pinch the leadline with a couple inches to work with and slide the nylon down the lead, grab the exposed lead and break off a few inches so its just the nylon* then tie it to your swivel.
Off the swivel I run about a 4 1/2 ft fireline lead to a snap swivel.
I have used longer leads but you can feel the lure alot better with a short leader!

I run the lead more then anything in the Mississippi, and its a great way to put the numbers in the boat!!!

Good Luck with the core your gonna love it!
Any more ?'s dont be afraid to email me.

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Walleyewacker, I am fairly new to the leadcore scene but have used it with some success on Mille Lacs Walleyes over deep rocks and points. I use a large capacity line counter reel, spool it with 18lb leadcore, and a 7 foot medium action rod with a soft tip, and I put a swivel between the leadcore and a 7-10 foot mono leader. The mono leader is 10lb xl or xt in low vis green. The rod and mono leader will give you a little flex when you get into a fish. I tie my lead core to the swivel without peeling away the lead. Just use a good knot. (I'm no expert here but a good trilene knot works for me.) Depending on the fish you are targeting, don't be afraid to loosen the drag just a bit. This isn't finesse fishing. Good Luck to you.

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