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Power Auger info

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I remember BackwaterEddy posting up something regarding this. I'll cut-n-paste what he had to say... I'm sure he won't mind.

"This stuff is just way too cool not to recommend!

I just rigged a Frabill speed shack XL with 12V LED rope lighting (no big deal a few zip strips and Bada-Bing-Bada Boom, your done). My boat gets the full treatment next.

I got mine from "Platinum Lighting Inc." of the net, very reasonably priced too. You can get it in several different colors and also can be rigged to a 12V dimmer. A very good boat deck and fish house lighting system. It works great as a indirect lighting option for night fishing.

Very easy to work with, it can be cut to length anyplace along it's full length in 6" intervals, to fit you instillation needs. Just screw on another lead and cap the cut end, and you set, simple enough, even for me.

They say 20' will draw 9 amps max, they also recommend to not run more then 20' off one power source. They can be split with a splitter T very easily.



"Hell froze over last week... glad I brought the Vex"

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Thanks guys. I saw another post by Eddy but I must have missed that one. I'll be rigging up my Guide real soon now.

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Where can I pick up some 12V rope light in the metro area? All I've found at the big shops (Menards, Home Depot) is the 120V A/C stuff.


(Sorry the subject was inserted by Mozilla and I didn't catch it!)

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