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Lake Monroe Camping

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I am going to be coming to Lake Monroe on July 15th to camp for a week and just wondering if anyone can help me out with some information on the camping side. I fished Monroe back in 2001 for CUSA so I know the lake a little. My camping questions are:

1. Is Paynetown the only area which has electricity?

2. Can you get a site away from the crowds in a tent?

3. Is there a boat ramp close so I can put boat in and drive truck back to camping area?

4. How about bait shops in the area?

5. Can you park your vehicle at the camping site? I have seen a map where it looks like you have to park in only certain areas of the campground and I like my vehicle to be with me at the camp site.

Thanks in advance for help with these questions. BTW, I will be fishing for crappie/walleye. How has the bite been? The crappie bite back in 2001 was fantastic!


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