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Favorite Turkey book


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I'm actually a junkie of the older historical turkey texts. Not so much for the advice (though much applies, alot of it is way out of date), but more for the nostalgia of it. Most of them are called turkey and turkey hunting or something similar. \:\)

"The Wild Turkey and Its Hunting" by Edward McIlhenny was one of the first, written in the early 1900's I think. Interesting reading how they used to advise hunting them. Another cool old one is "The Wild Turkey and its Management," by Hewitt. It's 1960's, and has some cool biology speak that's interesting, though a bit technical. Most of these types you have to special order (or have friends that do!), but some texts can be read online.

Of the older ones I haven't read, I'd like to read Tom Turpin and Roger Latham.

As far as modern writers, I like J. Wayne Fears, Neil Cost, Jim Casada, Lovett Williams, Gary Clancy, and most of all Jim Spencer. Jim Spencer, whether in an article, or a book, writes from a perspective that screams, "I've been there." His advice is full of sage trade secrets learned from hunting all over the world, all spring, all the time.

No list would be complete without mentioning Tom Kelly's 10th Legion. It's considered a standard read by most, though I never have! I've got to get that done someday.


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If you get a chance pick up the books above you will like them a lot.I think in total I paid a little over $6 for them off Amazon.com.The new book is 4.32.Cuz is working on his third.The Whole Truth Nothing But The Truth.Stories of hunts and when he first team up with Will Primos and Toxy Hass.

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