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Stearns County streams


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I thought there was an earlier thread on this subject, but I couldn't find it. Usually we go down to the Whitewater State Park and camp for the stream trout opener, but this year we decided to do something different.

Any FMers here have any experiences they wish to share regarding these streams in the eastern part of Stearns County?


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 Originally Posted By: JoshM
Zenit you should try to post this on st cloud area reports and see what response you get . I am also curious.



Read some of the reports on the DNR page. Sounds like the DNR is giving it the old college try in that area, and for that they should be commended. I guess I am curious as to why they haven't designated these streams as catch & release only why they try to implement a long term strategy for some of the few trout streams located within an hour or so of the TC Metro (and not located in WI.)

Regardless, it would seem to be the prudent course of action to practice catch & release on these streams, which is what we'll do if we decide to go for the stream opener. Wow, only a little over a month away \:D

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From the St. Cloud area forum. Thanks Tempo Fisherman!

 Originally Posted By: Tempo Fisherman
Most of the property surrounding these streams is private. The only exceptions would be Luxemburg Creek which flows from the town of Luxemburg to St. Augusta creek. This stream contains naturally reproducing brown trout up to 2 pounds but the vast majority are smaller. Anglers can access this stream via state-owned easements east of 43rd Ave as well as an area west of 43rd Ave in the Cherrywood Estates development. The easement sections are marked with small signs but these easements are narrow (16.5 ft of either side of the stream).

Willow creek flows through the town of Kimball and you can access the stream from the Kimball City park located just east of MN hwy 15 just south of the railroad tracks. Willow is stocked with browns but there used to be brookies in there as well.

Lastly, Cold Spring Creek in the town of Cold Spring has naturally reproducing brook trout that run small (very few over 10 inches), the best area to fish (east of red river ave) is privately owned except for the city park located at the downstream end where the creek runs into the Sauk River.

In general, these streams provide marginal fishing opportunities since they are small and tend to be overgrown and tough to fish. With enough exploring though, there is some potential to catch some fish. Respect private property and always ask for permission when in doubt. Good Luck!

I almost forgot, Thiel and Fairhaven Creeks by the town of Fairhaven also have natural reproducing brook trout that are dominated by small fish. No easements or public access opportunities exist on these streams and you have to try to get permission from landowners to access the stream.

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