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  1. JoshM

    Fall bite?

    Thanks guys that will get me started !
  2. JoshM

    Fall bite?

    So what is the best way to get a hog this time of year? deep, shallow?Just looking for a little help. I signed up for a little contest this weekend about two months ago and i have not been able to get out at all lately . I know there is some great bass minds out there and i could use some advice. The guys im going up against have been fishing steady so i need a little help. Thanks. Fishing a well known lake near St Cloud.
  3. JoshM

    Fishing bullrushes

    mww 24 do you tie that 50 pound direct to the hook or do you in some mono for a leader on the end?
  4. What is your guys favorite thing to throw at those spawned out girls?
  5. Thats what my worry is. I dont want to get out there and drive around for a couple days blind because all of the public land is full of orange vest.Like every thing else dont know unless you try it.
  6. there is meat on a 12 inch walleye? Do you have to deep fry the whole thing or what? crunchy , yummy. What in the world is wrong with people. I just love it too when I see people keeping those 50 cent piece crappies.
  7. Would like to line up a muledeer Hunt in Eastern Montana. How hard is it to find land to hunt out there and how hard is it to get a buck tag? any info would be great. Thanks
  8. Looking to go to eastern Montana for a mule deer hunt.How hard is it to get a buck tag and how hard or easy is it to find puplic land to hunt?Any Info from Mn. hunters that have done it before and had success would be awesome. thanks.
  9. I was wondering if there was any more st cloud area tourneys left this summer. river or lake?
  10. how is the water clearity?
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