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  1. What he said. P-Line 2 & 3 pound Fluoro. I don't use anything else.
  2. A LOT of jig manufacturers use lousy hooks with their tungsten jigs, and a majority of them use a lesser grade of tungsten (in other words, not 100% pure tungsten) from China that is of inferior quality than tungsten made here in the USA (Pennsylvania) and in Russia. IMHO the very best available here now are Fiskas Wolfram (available online and in a lot of well known ice fishing retailers), Bentley USA (online only), and Jeff's Jigs in Two Harbors, MN. Bentleys are expensive but well made; look for their online sales. Fiskas are probably well known to most, and offer a combination of quality and value. Jeff's Jig's started out on ice flies, but he makes some great tungsten jigs - his UV Green Assassin in one of my all time favorites. And Jeff prices his custom made jigs and ice flies extremely well. In addition, there is a large European manufacturer (Lucky John) that will be offering their tungsten jigs thru Ice Belt Retailers this fall, debuting at a small but well known ice show at the end of September. Like Bentley, they use 100% Russian tungsten, but also use high quality Japanese hooks in all their jigs, spoons, and jigging minnows. This should increase competition and drive prices down a bit. My personal preference is that I would rather pay a bit more for a well made 100% tungsten jig than have one powder when using a plastic hook remover, pull the hook out of the jig, straighten the hook out, or have the hook snap in half when removing it from a barely average perch (all of which happened to me last season). You get what you pay for. Thankfully, between pre-season and end of season sales, an excess of distributor stock from last year's horribly short season, and increased availability and increased competition, the prices on even the top notch tungsten jigs will likely continue to decrease this season.
  3. Humminbird 899ci SI HD unit. Side imaging, down imaging, upgradable to 360 imaging. Bought new in September for an ice fishing idea that just didn't pan out. $400, new in box. http://www.humminbird.com/Products/899ci-HD-SI-Combo/ Email or call 6126054654
  4. http://www.humminbird.com/Products/AS-360-TM/ Bought new from Thorne Brothers in September for an ice fishing idea that just didn't pan out. $895 Firm. If u want me to send u a picture of the box it is in, PM me - never even busted open the box, seals all still intact. Save urself $110 +the tax and apply it to that new MinnKota Maxxum or Fortrex instead. My loss is ur gain. PM or call 612 605 4654.
  5. Bought new from Thorne Bros a few years ago, has drilled exactly two holes since. Head, blades, bit, everything in like new condition. Nothing wrong with it - just doesn't get used as much as two other power augers I have. Fired up first pull this AM. Cash only, local pickup only. 6126054654 Located northern Anoka County
  6. +1. I usually bring 10-12 reels a year into Thorne Brothers and have them all spooled with 2 or 3 lb P-Line Fluorocarbon, they have P-Line in bulk from 2-12 lb, I believe. The price is right, and it is a superb line for the hardwater season.
  7. Two of the nicer fish I caught last season were two big rainbow trout, each going a little over 5 pounds. Both were taken on the Green Tiger UV RR #4. Both came in from nowhere and just smoked 'em. Probably caught another 40 or so rainbows and brookies last year, but none over 2 pounds. Sure made me a believer.
  8. I'm using that exact same setup with a Milwaukee 18v Fuel and a 6 inch SM bit with the Lazers, and I am so far amazed on how well that set-up worked last weekend in 8 inches of ice. Literally just seconds to cut the holes.
  9. Coming from a guy who has only ever owned Clam shacks ....Otter is the only brand I'd spend money on right now. That or Canvas-Craft, which use the Otter sleds. Runner up: well, really, take your pick. Find one on sale and drive on. The gap between Otter and the rest is that wide, IMHO.
  10. The most use I get out of the Longboard is at a trout tournament out in Montana I go to every year. The target there is 1-3 pound rainbows, and the Longboard and Al Dente both have the backbone to handle the 2-3 pounders. When I get to a spot, I drill about 10-15 holes and hop back and forth, and teh 4 inch longer rod is ideal for mobility hole-hopping when a shack or flip up are not in use. Also, like someone else mentioned in this thread, I think the longer rod allows for a firmer hookset and aids in playing a bigger fish.
  11. Get it and don't look back. The 22 is a fine unit. It is the one I use the most for tournament fishing and it is the one I have mounted on my Ice Hopper. I use my FLX-28 when I am social fishing or in the hard-sider; last year the 22 got 10x the usage hours that the 28 did.
  12. Look at the DH Custom Longboard Noodle, 32.5 inch length with the 5.5 cork grips. I primarily use 24-28 inch Al Dente's, but when I am outside the shack or moving quickly between holes with my Ice Hopper, I use that Longboard and love it. You can finesse a small jig and plastic with the longboard just as you can with the Al Dente or the TB noodles.
  13. Warmest? Hands down, it is the FXE SnoSuit. Nothing else really all that close. Maybe the Onyx Extreme and Cabela's Ice Angler. But nothing really else in the league of the SnoSuit. That thing is built for -20 or worse with a stiff wind. Not a great choice for early or late ice, as you will overheat and they will take on moisture. But there is no doubt they are the warmest suit out there - even with just a moisture wicking based layer. Anything additional is overkill for the FXE. I believe Frabill discontinued the FXE, it was an expensive suit. From what I have seen of the new Frabill I5/I4/I3 - bad decision by Frabill. Why Frabill acquired SnoSuit and killed their signature suit 3 years later is beyond me. I have two of them, and I am glad I do, because I don't think we'll see another suit built as well as the original SnoSuit in a long, long time. I have the Striker Hardwater suit. Nice all-purpose suit, plus the flotation. Warmest? No. But a good suit at a good price, with quality construction, and very water-repellant for sloppy early and late ice condx. A base layer and a fleece top works nicely with this suit. The Cabela's Ice Angler suit is the bargain buy, especially late season. It is a [email protected] good suit now that they fixed the low kneepad issue. Quality construction, and Cabela's coat bucks the trend by going with the 3/4 cut on the coat instead of the 1/2 cut that the other suit manufacturers seem to favor. The Clam suits, sorry to say, are a very poor choice. I wouldn't use either one if they were given to me. Poor quality and materials, problem number one. So - in answer to your original question, right now in my opinion the warmest suit out there (NEW) is the Onyx/ArcticShield Extreme suit, if money is no object. I'd rank the Striker Hardwater as the most versatile suit, with the Cabela's Ice Angler series as the "best bang for the buck" suit. If you can find an FXE SnoSuit on hsolist or hsolist, I would seriously take a look at it, if it is in any kind of decent condition.
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