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Gotta love the buzzer beater

Scott M

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Had a league game buzzer beater last night. Here's the background. We show up and two our our better shooters, one of our bigs, and a pretty talented F/G slasher are all out. Long story short we play nip and tuck until the end. One of the other team's guards drives, loses the handle, falls to the ground, we pick up the ball to start a fast break and the refs whistle a foul with 4.1 seconds left. Unbelievable! You can't call a foul to decide the game like that! We were in the bonus so he gets two shots, and hits them both. Personally I would have told the guy to make the first and miss the second. They have two fouls to give. I inbound to a guy at halfcourt and they foul with 2.4 seconds left. We call our last timeout. I call up a play for a staggered screen and an open look, with the first screener trailing so he can get a look. I fire a pass to our first option. They foul him on the catch. Now they have one to give. Hoping we'll run the same play or some such (since we have no timeouts) we try it again. I imbound and one of our shooters is double teamed. One of our bigs has a look but its pretty deep, then I see #12 curling into the corner. Bingo. I get it to him, he puts it on the floor, they don't want to risk fouling lest he be shooting a 3, so they play straight up, he turns and fires and it goes. Nice win. Here it is with #12's postgame interview:


My favorite Buzzer Beaters of all time:

* Christian Laettner jumper to go to the Final 4

* Jordan's jumper over Craig Ehlo (The emotions afterwards for both teams are amazing)

* 1997 Playoffs Suns vs. Sonics Rex Chapman off balance falling out of bounds 3 (I must have practiced this one for 2 months straight)

* The play called "Valpo" Valparaiso imbounds length of the court, the ball is tipped out to Bryce Drew who cans the 3 to upset four-seeded Mississippi State

* Tyus Edney's coast to coast layup buzzer beater

* North Carolina State's Lorenzo Wright airball-cleanup dunk at the buzzer

* A few random regular season K.G. buzzer beaters

Anybody else have any favorites that spring to mind?

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I have several also!

Malik Sealy vs the Indiana Pacers several years ago! (3 pointer on an out of bounds play!)

Hoffarber's high school basket from the seat of his pants in the High School tournament (ESPN Espy Award!)

Garnett had one last year around X-mas that was nice!

The Gophers have had a few in recent memory.... Can't think of the guys name but he hit a 3 from the top of the key. (I know he left early for the NBA and he was a taller player!)

Whoever beat Iowa in the first round of the NCAA tourney! That 3 pointer from the corner!!!!!


I go to school at Bemidji State University and last year the Beavers were down 2 goals with about 43 seconds left. We got one goal with about 30 some seconds remaining. Then we were down in our own end with 6 seconds and whoever got the puck flung it to center ice where one of our guys got it and took a shot that beat their goalie as time expired. After about 5 minutes of tape review, they awarded the goal!

The game ended in a tie, but it's one thing to hit a buzzer beater in basketball and another to beat a goalie from outside the blue line as time expires!!!!!!!!

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Another hockey buzzer beater was the Oilers vs Stars game last year. Stars are up a goal and the Oilers have pulled their goalie. A guy for the Stars has a break away with an empty net, he skates down and goes to shoot and the puck hits a bad piece of ice and jumps over his stick as he shoots. Guy for Edmonton grabs the puck makes a couple of passes and the Oilers score with about 2 seconds left. Unreal. I will see if i can find a link to it.

If this doesn't work just go to you tube and search stars vs oilers goal

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"Another hockey buzzer beater was the Oilers vs Stars game last year."

I remember this one, perhaps one of the most insane games ever! I only saw the highlights but I remember that the Stars guy basically was right in front of the goal, how did he ever miss that?!?!?! Then the Oilers went down and scored FAST! Great game!

P.S. - the Beavers game was seen in person and there is nothing better than experiencing something like a buzzer beater live.

AND IF you check out youtube there are PLENTY of buzzer beaters and the half court shot ones are also pretty good! -


Funny Half Court Shot



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