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  1. mr_jman

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    I was at the game so I didn't get the TV commentary, but did the Wild only get one shot in the 3rd period (Parise empty netter?) I was sitting off of the goal line on our attack zone 1st and 3rd periods and the puck was barely down on our end all period. Edit: Looks like we got 5 registered shots on goal. Felt like we were on defense all period.
  2. mr_jman

    Monster bass caught ice fishing

    Looks like you had the ice all to yourself too!
  3. Here is what I have for converting my old video game systems with the A/V (Red white yellow cables) to HDMI. About $30 cheaper than anything from a box store and it works perfectly. I would highly suggest going to HDMI over analog or anything else. Your picture will be brighter and clearer. My link was blocked so go to the Bay of E and type in "MINI AV To HDMI converter" It is the smallest and lightest weight one around and it works great. Only downside is sometimes you have to plug them in or they won't work.
  4. mr_jman

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    Well what does everyone think of the reffing for the Blackhawks game tonight. Pretty weak and poorly timed hooking call if you ask me. 4 minutes left you let the players decide the game!
  5. mr_jman

    flip over led light mod

    I have a Trekker DLX as well. I put some LED's in mine and can try to get some pictures up for you to look at soon.
  6. mr_jman

    Gopher Football 2014

    That was the most impressive win of the Kill era in my opinion. The resolve of this team to come back and then have the refs almost screw us over... Defense played a great second half and the offense showed some depth with Cobb out. Prime time game next week vs. Wisconsin on a major network I'm thinking!
  7. GO MINNEOTA VIKINGS in the class A Championship game! Taking on Dawson-Boyd from the same conference! Southwest Minnesota representing class A this year.
  8. mr_jman

    What are your go to ice fishing lures?

    Northland's Buckshot Rattle spoon in the glow (more so than the new UV) always get's tied on one of my lines for Walleyes. Small tungsten jigs or a Genz fatboy for panfish. The Northland forage minnows also work really well for Crappies.
  9. mr_jman

    which 2 man flip-over?

    There are a lot of great options out there so I would highly suggest running to your favorite ice fishing store and go and sit in the ones available. My one main suggestion if you can afford it is to get one that is insulated. One really cold or windy day on the ice in one of them, and you will wonder why you ever owned a portable that wasn't insulated. I will never buy another one that isn't insulated! Some things I considered when I was looking for a 2 man flip over: Size of the house when set up, and taken down and will it fit in your vehicle. The fishable area in front of the sled. Weight, insulated or not, price, removable seats, bench style seating. Do you want to be able to stand up inside of it? I bought a Frabill Trekker DLX insulated fish house at the end of last season. It's a nice lower priced insulated fish house ($499 new I believe) paid like $250 from a buddy. I got it for the insulation, and the fact that the seats can be removed and/or adjusted anywhere along the side of the sled. I fish a lot of times by myself so not having to carry two seats around was a nice feature. It also came with a nice travel cover with a D zipper so you don't have to pull the cover off if you need to grab something inside. I have also owned an older Clam Guide that I really liked as well, but I won't buy another sled without the insulated fabric.
  10. mr_jman

    Humminbird Customer Service?

    I run the Humminbird near the back and I have a tiller model so I didn't have to make any wire extensions. All I did was crimp on two wire connectors to slide over the battery terminals, and added the 3 amp inline fuse which uses a heavier gauge wire then what is provided. I suppose it is possible that one of those connections could have shook loose or caused some sort of lack of power. My initial thought when it happened was that my battery was too low but I had about 75% on it and could still run my power tilt/trim so something else had to be wrong. I spend 2 nights messing with it and trying to connect it up several different ways and to several different batteries and I always got the same result. I also changed the 3 amp fuse with no luck. I sent it in today after talking to them. Sounds like a 5 day turn-around plus shipping time both ways. I am hopeful that i'll have it back in 10 days or so. We'll see!
  11. mr_jman

    Humminbird Customer Service?

    Wanted to know if anyone has dealt with their customer service and how is it? Also if anyone has had to send something in for repair or replace and what the turn-around time is? My 899 SI unit wont power on and I'm stuck using my way outdated Eagle 320.
  12. The lake has a max depth closer to 10' and at times the fishing is phenomenal but it can be a real hit or miss lake.
  13. mr_jman

    Looking for a family vacation spot.

    I would suggest the Bemidji area as well, but just like the Walker/Leech Lake suggestions, if you drive that far and really want walleyes than Lake of the Woods is a better bet. The Brainerd area is probably the best all around family location but Alexandria and Detroit Lakes are good options as well. With the hot bite in the Webster South Dakota area I'd be going there myself.
  14. mr_jman

    Down and Side Imaging worth it?

    I bought the new Humminbird 899 Side imaging unit this spring. It has both Down and Side imaging, 2D sonar and GPS. I spent about 2 months looking at Humminbird and Lowrance units and I have to say it has been a great purchase and worth the $1000 + $125 for map card that I paid for it. The side imaging is amazing if you have lakes with weed lines, rock/sand/mud transitions, and especially sunken trees! I don't use my down imaging a whole lot but use it in conjunction with the 2D and Side images all on screen at once (split 3 ways). Getting a side and down image at once has been helpful when trying to figure out what the side image is displaying. I can honestly say I have caught more fish and found new spots (plus some awesome potential for ice fishing as well) I live in SW MN and fish "featureless" prairie pothole lakes but with the Side Imaging I have found small "ditches" that drop just 1' from the rest of the area and hold fish. I've also found flooded timber I never knew existed. I jumped from an old Eagle 320 (2D black and white) to this unit and it is AMAZING how much I have found already... I haven't used the 700's series with the smaller screens, but if you have the money the 800's series or LX7 for Lowrance with the larger wide screens are worth the extra $200 or so! Long Post but in short it is the best purchase I have made since my Vexilar.
  15. Who ya got in today's big game? I'll take the Gophers 27 - 21.