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deitz, my simple but tasty smoked pork loin recipe:

· prepare your pork loin (5-10 lbs), depending on it's size you may need to cut it in half to fit on your smoker rack.

· Rub the entire surface with canning/pickling salt (or cure salt if you don't mind ingesting nitrites/nitrates).

· If you have a vaccuum sealer make a bag large enough to fit your pork loin into.

· Insert loin in bag and fill with pure Apple Cider and then seal bag.

· You can also use the vaccuum sealed marinating container as well.

· If you don't have a vaccuum sealer, find a large dish that you will be able to keep the pork loin submerged with the Apple Cider.

· Brine the meat for 24 hours (or depending on your tastes).

· Prepare your smoker.

· I have found that Applewood or Oak produce the best flavor. Mesquite will also work if you like that flavor.

· Smoke the pork loin until the internal temp exceeds 165.

· When done, let cool for 15 minutes.

You can either slice the loin into chops, or slice thinly for sandwiches. I usually do both.

You should be able to still taste the subtleties of the Apple Cider in the pork when you are done. I often finish the chops on the grill. They are also great sliced and served on a bun with bbq sauce.


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