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carb problem



i have a older strikemaster mag 2000 i got used last year. long story short, i had to have someone pick it up for me, it was never started and i wasnt told the trueth about the way it ran. i found the carb had been taken apart several times when i pulled it apart the first time my self.

its a tilson single needle carb, i have just replaced everything with a fresh rebuild kit. problem is it wont start. i can play the internals of the carb to get it to run if i need to but then it wont idle.

i know the carb is clean through the jet,lines and tank. like i said, i can get it to run if i tinker with the rocker for the needle. but it refuses to run with just straight up replacing the internals and no tinkering.

i have tryed setting the meetering screw from turned all the way in to one a half turnes out and all the way up to being backed out far enough to see fuel come out around the screw. i can get the auger to run from about 1.5 to 2 turnes out from closed.

i think its called the governer screw, its screwed all the way in from when i got it. not sure what the setting is for that.

last and final thing. the choke spring for the butterfly flap. there is 2 holes in the plastic flap. when i got it the spring was not in one of the holes it was wraped around the post that goes up in to the auger. i have experimented with the spring position and it seems to work better in the hole on the left if facing the carb.

if someone has simular auger or experience with this carb? i have tryed strikemaster for assistence and some of the local small engine dealers that service these things, but all i hear is bring it in so we can look at it. dont relly have the money to that, and i would rather spend my money on either a new carb or auger.


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Hi i am Jim at Jims fix-it shop

things to check

first compression 2strokes need at least 85lbs to run right

check atmospheric vent (small hole on side)engine will try and run on ritch mixture if cloged and die out

are diaphrams hard if so replace

another cause may be it sucking to much air (lean mixture)

caused from missing parts If you have good compression good spark it will run on even the cheapest gas 85octane or less

hope this will give you something to start with

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i can try and go a little more indepth about it.

ok, when i first got it i could not get it to run, start or even sputter trying to get it started. new plug, fresh gas mixed proper with smokeless strikemaster oil, checked for spark and proper plug gap. i had not touched the carb.

everything looked good.

i decided to take the carb apart and see if the jet or screen was pluged, all clear. gaskets and diaphram semed in place.

put it all back on and it fired right up. ran great. shut it off started back up several times with out a problem and thought i got it. let it sit for an hr, went back and it would not start.

ok, reapeated abouve and same thing. start after i had it apart, but then later it wouldnt start.

i then decided through advice to slightly modify the tip on the needle inside the carb and see if that would help. needle seemed to be sticking in the seat, actualy it seemed to get sucked in to the seat shuting off the fuel flow. odd. i sanded a little off the rubber tip and it actually seemed to help. ( if i screwed it up i would be putting a rebuild kit in any way)

carb back on the auger, fired right up ran better then before. coma back later and same thing, would not start.

pull carb apart and the needle felt the same way. feels like its getting sucked back in the seat.

next round of modifications came by playing with the rocker the needle sits in. i played around with bending one of the prongs up so the needle would be raised up and float a little more.

carb back on auger it would start and then die, hadto have the choke open a little. i could get it started by being on the throttle a little to feed it some gas, let off it dies. at this point i could get it started and run by keeping on the throttle a little but it would not idle on its own.

i ran it like that last winter so i could fish. ordered 2 rebuild kits in december and didnt get them untill june from being on back order so long.

now im back to square one. i replaced everything in the carb with everything in the kit and it will not start. took it apart checked everything, put back on, will not start.

it seems that in the state its in now its not pulling gas to the carb. i think its the problem from the start.

pulled the plug, drop a little gas in the chamber, put the plug back in, one pull fired right up then died after it ran that gas out.

i dont have a compression gauge, but fumbling with carb i can get it to run here and there by modifying the rocker the needle sits on so i think my compression is good. i think its all in the carb.

one last thing. with taking the carb apart and putting back together, i have put back the same way it was when i took it apart the first time. it was taken apart before me several times, so if something is missing or was put back together wrong to begin with i wouldnt know.

i just cant get the thing to repeatedly start right.


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